Case Excavators Types

Case Excavators Types:

case excavators serice repair manuals

Case Excavator Service Repair Manuals

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They are the most popular and have a wheel or track base. They have a big bucket, which is facing the driver’s cab, so that you can shovel the earth to the excavator.

There are many sizes of these excavators and all you need to do is to buy the right one that suits your needs. For example, if you have a small building project, you should go for a small excavator.

The cool thing is that regardless of the size of the excavator you buy, you will enjoy 360-degree tilt movement that allows you to dig the excavator.

paddle wheel:

This comes with a large front wheel, which is equipped with buckets and built-in shovels. When the wheel rotates, the bucket scoops dirt, catch and transport it onto a conveyor belt. The belt then carries earth into a container.


A rope excavator has a similar design as a backhoe loader. It contains a series of cables and wires to support the pulling movement of the bucket. With the design of the excavator, you can dig deeper than the standard excavator loader. The cables and the long boom also help you operate the excavator over wet or unstable ground.


This excavator uses a large diameter hose to vacuum soil and rocks from the ground using vacuum technology. Due to the technology, the excavator is ideal if it is surrounded by pipes and other underground objects.

steam shovel:

They are the traditional excavators. Although the modern ones work with electric or diesel engines, the traditional ones operate with steam power.

They have a lot of similar properties to dredgers. The only difference is that the bucket or bucket is away from the bucket. This allows you to pollute away from the excavator other than pulling earth towards the excavator, as is the case with excavator. The design of the excavator makes it ideal to work alongside walls.


These are some of the most important types of excavators that you can go. Because excavators are expensive, you should be very careful when you buy them. As a rule of thumb you should only buy from a renowned and well-known seller. This prompts you to do your research and find the best seller.

Case Excavators Types


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