Bobcat 325 328 Hydraulic Excavator Operation Manual

Bobcat 963 Service Repair Manual

Bobcat 325 328 Hydraulic Excavator Operation Manual

This Bobcat manual contains high-quality images, circuit diagrams, instructions to help you to maintenance, troubleshooting, diagnostic, and repair your truck. This document is printable, without restrictions, contains searchable text, bookmarks, crosslinks for easy navigation.

Standard Items Model 325 Bobcat Excavators are equipped with the following standard items: • 1420 mm dozer blade • 320 mm half-pitch rubber track • Auxiliary hydraulics with Quick Couplers • Control console locks • Engine shutdown system • Fingertip auxiliary hydraulic control • Horn • Hydraulic joystick controls • Retractable seat belt • Spark arrester muffler • Suspension seat • * TOPS/ROPS canopy • Two-speed travel • Vandalism protection • Working lights • Warranty: 12 months, 2000 hours.

Before Operation Carefully follow the operating and maintenance instructions in this manual. The Bobcat Excavator is highly manoeuvrable and compact. It is rugged and useful under a wide variety of conditions. 

This presents an operator with hazards associated with off-road, rough terrain applications, common with Bobcat Excavator usage. The Bobcat Excavator has an internal combustion engine with resultant heat and exhaust. 

All exhaust gases can kill or cause illness so use the Excavator with adequate ventilation. The dealer explains the capabilities and restrictions of the Bobcat Excavator and attachment for each application. 

The dealer demonstrates the safe operation according to Bobcat instructional materials, which are also available to operators. The dealer can also identify unsafe modifications or use of unapproved attachments. The attachments and buckets are designed for a Rated Lift Capacity. 

Bobcat 325 328 Hydraulic Excavator Operation Manual
Bobcat 325 328 Hydraulic Excavator Operation Manual
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Bobcat 325, 328 Hydraulic Excavator Operation Manual

They are designed for secure fastening to the Bobcat Excavator. The user must check with the dealer, or Bobcat literature, to determine safe loads of materials of specified densities for the machine - attachment combination. 

The following publications provide information on the safe use and maintenance of the Bobcat machine and attachments: 

• The Delivery Report is used to assure that complete instructions have been given to the new owner and that the machine and attachment is in safe operating condition. 

• The Operation and Maintenance Manual delivered with the machine or attachment gives operating information as well as routine maintenance and service procedures. It is a part of the machine and can be stored in a container provided on the machine. Replacement Operation and Maintenance Manuals can be ordered from your Bobcat dealer. 

• Machine signs (stickers) instruct on the safe operation and care of your Bobcat machine or attachment. The signs and their locations are shown in the Operation and Maintenance Manual. Replacement signs are available from your Bobcat dealer.

Bobcat 325 328 Hydraulic Excavator Operation Manual

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