Buhler Versatile 435 485 535 Tractor Operation Maintenance Service Manual

Buhler Versatile 435 485 535 Tractor Operation Maintenance Service Manual

Buhler Versatile 435 485 535 Tractor Service Manual

This manual contains information concerning the operation, adjustment, and maintenance of Buhler Versatile 4WD tractors. Youhave purchased a dependable machine. With only proper care and operation can you expect to receive the performance and longservice built into this tractor. HAVE ALL OPERATORS READ THIS MANUAL CAREFULLY AND KEEP IT AVAILABLE FOR READY REFERENCE. The tractor was designed to pull agricultural equipment in agricultural applications at field speeds of 7. 2 KPH (4. 5 MPH) or greater. Proper ballasting to provide equal traction to front and rear axles under moderate to heavy load will improve tractor performanceand life.

Your Buhler Versatile dealer will instruct you in the general operation of your tractor. Your dealer’s staff of factory–trainedservice technicians will be glad to answer any questions that may arise regarding the operation of your tractor. For engine maintenance not covered in this manual, follow the instructions provided in the Cummins Engine Operator’s manual. Before putting the tractor in service, become familiar with the procedures outlined in both manuals.

At this time biodiesel blends up to B5 are the only blends approved for use in all Cummins engines for both On highway andOff highway markets. B5 which is a blend of 5 percent pure biodiesel (B100) and 95 percent standard petroleum diesel hasdemonstrated to have no impact on engine performance, durablilty or maintenance.

The industry standard known as ASTM D6751defines the specification for B100. However, this standard currently lacks a specification for stability. Without a specification forstability, the quality of the fuel blends higher than B5 could degrade to a point which could damaging to engines. Cummins issupporting industry efforts to add a stability spec to the current ASTM standard, and continues to evaluate the impact of theseblends on the durability of engines.

Buhler Versatile 435 485 535 Tractor Operation Maintenance Service Manual

Buhler Versatile 435 485 535 Tractor Operation Maintenance Service Manual
Buhler Versatile 435 485 535 Tractor Operation Maintenance Service Manual
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Until this spec is developed and tested, other blends of biodiesel will be unsuitable for use inCummins On highway and Off highway engines. The warranty coverage that is extended to your Buhler Versatile 4WD tractor is explained in the Warranty and Limitation of LiabilityAgreement form.

Your dealer will provide you with a copy of the warranty and retain a copy which you have signed. After you readthe warranty, ask your dealer to explain any points that you may not understand. Do not modify, alter, or permit anyone else to modify or alter this tractor or any of its components, or any tractor function, withoutfirst consulting an authorized Buhler Versatile dealer.

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If you have any questions regarding tractor modifications, contact BuhlerVersatile Inc. , 1260 Clarence Ave, Winnipeg MB, R3C 4E8. Your safety, and the safety of those around you depends upon the care and good judgement you use while operating this equipment. Read the safety precautions carefully. For a complete list of the delivery service checks performed by your dealer, refer to the Delivery Report in this manual.

The firstcopy is your record of the service performed and the second copy, which is to be removed from the manual, is your dealer’s record. MAKE SURE THAT BOTH COPIES ARE SIGNED BY YOURSELF AND YOUR DEALER. After you have operated the tractor for 50 hours, have your dealer perform the factory recommended first 50–hour service.

Returnthis manual with your tractor to the dealer so the “First 50–Hour Service” checklist can be filled out. You will be responsible for thecost of lubricants, fluids, filters and other items replaced as part of normal maintenance. Prior to taking the tractor to your sellingdealer for service, it is recommended that you contact them to determine any other charges for which you may be responsible.

All data given in this book is subject to production model variations. Dimensions and weights are approximations only, and theillustrations do not necessarily show tractors in standard condition. For exact information about any particular tractor, pleaseconsult your Buhler Versatile dealer

Buhler Versatile 435 485 535 Tractor Operation Manual

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