Case 580n Loader Backhoe Operators Manual

Case 580n Loader Backhoe Operators Manual

Using Backhoe Bucket

Case 580n Operator Use the type of digging which is best suited for your specific job. Crowd Digging: For most general excavating, leveling material, and digging trenches. Crowddigging utilizes the crowd cylinder (A)for the majority of the movement.

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Case 580N Tier IV A (4A)

  1. Position dipper sticks in a vertical position and then move away from machine approximately 0.61 m (2 ft).
  2. Retract dipper stick and curl bucket simultaneously to make the first cut. First, the cut should be approximately 1.2 m (4 ft)long and 75-100 mm (3-4 in.) deep.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for remaining cuts and increase the depth to 100-150 mm(4-6 in.) deep.

Bucket Digging:

For power digging or working in a smallarea. Use bucket cylinder (B) fordigging.

  1. Lower extended bucket to digging area and lower boom to force bucket into the ground.
  2. While retracting the dipper stick, curl(retract) the bucket until it is full.
    If the bucket stalls, raise the boom slightly and continue to curl the bucket. If dipper stick stalls, roll back bucket to break out.

Positioning Spoil Piles

To prevent cave-ins, place spoil pile at least 1 m (3 ft) away from the edge of the excavation. Deeper excavations require a larger area for spoil pile due to increased pile size. Place spoil piles inconvenient locations for easier truck loading or backfilling. On slopes, place piles on the upper side for improved machine stability and easier backfilling.

Leveling Machine:

Operate machine on firm, level groundwhen operating backhoe.

  1. Level work area as necessary. IMPORTANT: To avoid injury from tipping or unexpected machine movement do not dig under stabilizers.
    NOTE: When stabilizers are lowered to the level machine, they may not be extended the same length due to variations in the ground.
  2. Lower stabilizers to level machine and provide side-to-side stability. Take a load off rear tires with minimum clearance between tires and ground.
  3. With the front bucket in dig position, lower until the weight of the machine is off front tires. Add material in the bucket for additional counterweight. Position loader bucket is fully dumped position when the ground surface is icy, wet, or rocky.

Case 580n Loader Backhoe Operators Manual
Case 580n Loader Backhoe Operators Manual
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Case 580n Loader Backhoe Operators Manual