Case David Brown 1394 Specs Clutch System Service Manual

Case David Brown 1394 Specs Clutch System Service Manual

  1. Engine:
    • Model: Case David Brown 4-cylinder diesel engine
    • Displacement: 3.9 liters
    • Power output: Approximately 85 horsepower (63 kW)
    • Cooling system: Liquid-cooled
  2. Transmission:
    • Type: Syndromes transmission
    • Number of gears: 8 forward and 2 reverses
    • Clutch: Dual clutch
  3. Power Take-Off (PTO):
    • Type: Independent PTO
    • PTO power: Approximately 73 horsepower (54 kW)
    • PTO speed: 540 rpm
  4. Hydraulics:
    • Hydraulic system: Open center
    • Hydraulic flow: 25 liters per minute
    • Rear hydraulic remotes: 2 double-acting spool valves
  5. Fuel capacity:
    • Diesel fuel tank capacity: Approximately 98 liters
  6. Dimensions and weight:
    • Length: Approximately 3,950 mm
    • Width: Approximately 1,950 mm
    • Height: Approximately 2,670 mm
    • Operating weight: Approximately 3,300 kg
  7. Tires:
    • Front tires: Varies depending on configuration
    • Rear tires: Varies depending on configuration

This is a full solution repair manual for David Brown 1394 Tractor.
Utilizing this repair guidebook is a cost-effective means to keep your vehicle working correctly.
The handbook has actually described images, layouts, circuitry schematics and requirements in addition to detailed guidelines.

All pages are, so run off just what you need, as well as take it with you into the garage or workshop.
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This is a total solution handbook. It covers every detail of your David Brown 1394 Tractor.

Case David Brown 1394 Specs Clutch System Service Manual

David Brown 1394 Tractor.
General Information.
Engine Mechanical System.
Engine Electric System.
Exhaust Control System.
Energy System.
Suspension System.
Clutch System.
Guidebook Transaxle System.
Automatic Transaxle System.
Driveshaft and Axle.
Guiding System.
Brake System.
Body Exterior and interior.
Body Electrical System.

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 Case David Brown 1394 Tractor:

— Detailed substeps expand on repair service treatment information
— Notes, cautions, and cautions throughout each chapter determine essential information.
— Phoned number guidelines direct you via every repair procedure step by step.
— Bold figure number help you quickly match images with guidelines.
— Thorough images, drawings, as well as images, lead you with every treatment.
— Phoned number tabulation simple to utilize to make sure that you can locate the details you need quickly.
— This Workshop Solution Repair work Handbook also makes it easy to detect and resolve problems with your equipments electric system.
— Troubleshooting and electrical service treatments are also incorporated with thorough electrical wiring layouts for simplicity of use.

Case David Brown 1394 Tractor Workshop Repair Service Manual
Case David Brown 1394 Tractor Workshop Repair Service Manual
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Case David Brown 1394 Specs Clutch System Service Manual

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