Caterpillar 320D-336D Excavator Electronic Service Manual

Caterpillar 320D-336D

Caterpillar 320D-336D Excavator Electronic Service Manual


Level II - Caterpillar Service personnel who understand the principles of machine systems operation, diagnostic equipment, and procedures for testing and adjusting.

This presentation contains the information and visuals necessary to develop a Level II course of instruction on the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for the 320D-336D Hydraulic Excavators. Emphasis is placed on explaining how the ECU and Monitor Panel function. The Data and Calibration Modes of the system are also explained in detail.

OBJECTIVES: Caterpillar 320D-336D Excavator Electronic Service Manual
After learning the information in this presentation, the serviceman will be able to:

  1. locate and identify the major components of the ECU and monitor panel system;
  2. identify all input and output signals for the ECU and monitor panel;
  3. explain the function and operation of each major component; and
  4. explain and demonstrate how to access the built-in diagnostic procedures.

Caterpillar 320D-336D Excavator Electronic Service Manual
Caterpillar 320D-336D Excavator Electronic Service Manual
Price: $29.99

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and 365C & 385C Large Hydraulic Excavators SERV7032
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325D Hydraulic Schematic KENR6157

Caterpillar Hydraulics Course (or equivalent) SEGV2519

The Electronic Control System controls many of the functions of the 320D-336D Excavators
and is pretty much the same system for the 311D to the 345D.
The electronic control system uses two data links to communicate:

  • The Engine ECM, the Machine ECM, the monitor, Cat ET, the optional Product Link ECM (PL321SR), and the Gateway WorldViewer ECM (PL300) communicate via the Cat Data Link.
  • The soft switch panel communicates with the Machine ECM and the monitor on the J1939 CAN Data Link. The switch panel is not connected to the Cat Data Link.
    For the Machine Security System, the software is part of the Machine ECM. An MSS key reader provides input into the Machine ECM through the Can Data Link.
    Cat ET is used to diagnose system problems via the Cat Data Link. Some of the input and output components of the Machine ECM are also shown in this illustration.

Caterpillar 320 330 Excavator Electronic Service Manual

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