Caterpillar 426C 438c Operation Maintenance Manual

Cat Caterpillar 416c Operation and Maintenance Manual

Caterpillar 426C 438c Operation Maintenance Manual

Cat Caterpillar 426C, 438c Operation, and Maintenance Manual
SEBU7267, September 1999
Operation and Maintenance Manual
416C, 426C, 428C, 436C and 438C Backhoe Loaders

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From Air Filter, Transmission, Brake And Cooling System, Engine, Exhaust To Steering And Suspension, Tire Rotation, Valves, Lights And So On.

There are several specific warning signs on thismachine. The exact location of the hazards andthe description of the hazards are reviewed in thissection. Please become familiarized with all warningsigns. Make sure that all of the warning signs are legible.Clean the warning signs or replace the warningsigns if you cannot read the words.

Cat Caterpillar 436c Operation and Maintenance Manual Replace the illustrations if the illustrations are not legible. When you clean the warning signs, use a cloth, water, and soap. Do not use solvent, gasoline, or other harsh chemicals to clean the safety signs. Solvents, gasoline, or harsh chemicals could loosen the adhesive that secures the warning sign.

Loose adhesive will allow the warning sign to fall. Replace any safety sign that is damaged, or missing. If a safety sign is attached to a part that is replaced, install a safety sign on the replacement part. Any Caterpillar dealer can provide new safety signs.

5YN16590-Up, 7WN1100-Up, 8RN4990-Up, 9JN1050-Up, 9KN1400-Up, 1ER900-Up, 1GR950-Up, 1JR1150-Up, 1NR1050-Up, 1RR1100-Up, 1TR1850-Up, 1XR2250-Up, 1ZR1000-Up, 2BR1000-Up, 2CR19310-Up, 2DR3450-Up.

Cat Caterpillar 416C, 436c, 426C, 428C, 438c Operation and Maintenance Manual
Cat Caterpillar 416C, 436c, 426C, 428C, 438c Operation and Maintenance Manual
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Caterpillar 426C 438c Operation Manual

When performing any work underneath a raisedloader lift arm, the loader lift arm brace must be inplace. Install the loader lift arm brace as follows.

  1. Empty loader bucket. Remove the pin that secures loader lift arm brace to left loader arm. Raiseloader arms to the maximum height with the bucket in the dump position.
  2. Position service brace over left lift cylinder with flat end against cylinder end.
  3. Pushpin through holes of loader lift arm brace and install cotter pin.
  4. Slowly lower loader arms until brace contacts the top of the lift cylinder and bosses unloader arm.
  5. To remove the loader lift arm brace, reverse procedure. Failure to follow this procedure can result in death or serious injury if the loader arms are accidentally lowered.

Before you service the machine or before you repair the machine, attach a “Do Not Operate” warning tag or a similar warning tag to the start switch or to the controls.

This warning tags Special Instruction, SEHS7332 are available from your Caterpillar dealer. Know the width of your equipment in order to maintain proper clearance near fences, boundary obstacles, etc. Wear a hard hat, protective glasses, and other protective equipment in order to accommodate job conditions.

Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that can catchon controls or on other parts of the machine.Ensure that all protective guards and all covers aresecured in place on the machine.Keep the machine free from foreign material.

Checkthe deck, the walkways and the steps. Removedebris, oil, tools and other items.Secure all loose items that are not a part of themachine. Secure lunch boxes, tools and other items.Know the appropriate work site hand signals.

Also, know the personnel that is authorized to give the hand signals. Accept signals from one person only. Do not smoke when you service an air conditioner. Also, do not smoke if refrigerant gas may be present.

Inhaling the fumes that are emitted from aflame that contacts air conditioner refrigerant can cause bodily harm or death. Inhaling gas from airconditioner refrigerant through a lighted cigarette can cause bodily harm or death.

Cat Caterpillar 426C 438c Operation Maintenance Manual

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