Daewoo Doosan Dx140w Excavator Parts Manual

Daewoo Doosan Dx140w Excavator

Daewoo Doosan Dx140w Tier-Ⅲ Parts Catalogue Manual

Daewoo Doosan Dx140w, The shade LCD present provides handy maintenance, record and keeping track of info.

Engine: The DX140W is equipped with a powerful diesel engine that provides the necessary power for demanding tasks. The engine has a displacement and delivers of output. It meets the latest emission standards, ensuring environmentally-friendly operation.

Operating Weight: The operating weight of the DX140W is approximately. This weight provides stability and balance during operation and allows for efficient maneuverability on various terrains.

Maximum Digging Depth: The excavator has a maximum digging depth. This depth allows for deep excavation tasks, such as trenching and foundation digging, providing versatility on the job site.

Maximum Reach: The DX140W offers a maximum reach. This reach enables operators to access hard-to-reach areas and perform tasks efficiently without the need for repositioning the machine frequently.

Bucket Capacity: The excavator is equipped with a bucket with a capacity. The bucket design ensures optimal digging and loading performance, enhancing productivity.

The bolt-on design permits you to quickly set up the device with a dozer blade or outriggers. Degree or backfill material with the dozer blade, or support the machine during excavating applications. Control the outriggers individually to level the machine on inclines.

The front axle oscillates and provides a superb guiding angle for ability to move but can be secured for much better digging and lifting performance. The rear axle is dealt with. The transmission is mounted straight to the back axle for protection from challenges and also optimal ground allowance.

Daewoo Doosan Dx140w III Parts Manual

The high pressure engine as well as Electronic Power Optimizing System (EPOS) supply maximum power and fuel effectiveness. The style optimizes combustion as well as torque for faster cycles and optimal outcomes. Select from Work Mode (excavating or trenching) or Power Mode (maximum fuel efficiency) to satisfy your requirements.

An advanced disc brake tract functions straight on the hub as opposed to the drive shaft to stay clear of global gear backlash. This gets rid of the rocking impact related to working free on wheels. A brand-new travel electric motor and transmission control in the driveline offer comfortable traveling thanks to increased smoothness as well as improved hydraulic retarding and also equipment changing.

Enjoy decreased maintenance costs and expanded machine life with the resilient framework, strengthened boom as well as arm setting up, and expanded greasing periods. Conveniently gain access to the oil filter, air cleaner, gas filter, radiators and also any other engine parts. The arm oil points are systematized for very easy maintenance.

Daewoo Doosan Dx140w Tier-Ⅲ Wheeled Manual

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