Daewoo Doosan Dx225nlc Excavator Parts Manual

Daewoo Doosan Dx225nlc Crawler Excavator Service Parts Catalogue Manual.

Daewoo Doosan Dx225nlc , Performance The performance of the DX225NLC has a direct effect on its productivity. Its new “Common Rail” engine and new e-EPOS controlled hydraulic system have combined to create an unbeatable hydraulic excavator, with a cost/performance ratio that makes the
DX225NLC even more appealing.

at the heart of the hydraulic excavator is the new “Common Rail” Doosan DL06 engine. It is combined with the new e-EPos electronic control system, for optimum power and fuel saving.

The new engine produces 148 Hp (110 kW/150 Ps) at only 1.900 rpm, and more torque, due to its careful design combined with the use of common rail injection and 4 valves per cylinder. These features help optimize combustion and minimize pollution through reduced nox & particulate emissions.
Increased torque allows efficient use of the power of the hydraulic system.
• Faster working cycles increase productivity.
• Increased torque means the excavator is able to move more easily. • Energy efficiency reduces fuel consumption.

Daewoo Doosan Dx225nlc Crawler Excavator Service Parts Catalogue Manual

Hydraulic pumps
The main pumps have a capacity of 2 x 206,5 l / min reducing cycle time while a high capacity gear pump improves pilot line efficiency.

Excavator control
New e-EPOS system (Electronic Power Optimizing System)
The brains of the hydraulic excavator, the e-EPos, have been improved and now can electronically link to the engines ECU (Electronic Control Unit), through a Can (Controller area network) communication link, enabling a continuous exchange of information between the engine and the hydraulic system. These units are now perfectly synchronised.

The advantages of the new e-EPos impacts at several levels.
Ease of operation and user-friendliness:
• The availability of a power mode and a normal operating mode
guarantee maximum efficiency under all conditions.
• Electronic control of fuel consumption optimizes efficiency.
• The automatic deceleration mode enables fuel saving.
• Regulation and precise control of the flow rate required by the
equipment are available as standard.
• a self-diagnosis function enables technical problems to be resolved
quickly and efficiently.
• an operational memory provides a graphic display of the status
of the machine.
• Maintenance and oil change intervals can be displayed.

Daewoo Doosan Dx225nlc Parts Catalogue Manual

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