Doosan S470LC-V Service Repair Manual

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Doosan S470LC-V Service Repair Manual

Track Excavator Safety…..S0102000
Specifications for Solar 470LC-V….S0202090K
General Maintenance
General Maintenance Procedures…S0302000
Standard Torques…S0309000
Upper Structure
Cab .. S0402040K
Counterweight…… S0403050K
Fuel Tank… S0405120K
Fuel Transfer PumpS0405500
Swing Bearing………S0407000
Swing Reduction GearboxS0408060
Lower Structure and Chassis
Track Assembly ……S0505120
Engine and Drive Train
Air-Conditioner….. S0605060K
Drive Coupling (Main Pump).S0609010K
Hydraulic System Troubleshooting, Testing and Adjustment … S0702190K
Accumulator……… S0703010K
Center Joint (Swivel)…… S0704090K


Before getting on or off the machine, if there is any oil. grease, or mud on the handrails, steps, or track shoes, wipe it off immediately. Always keep these parts clean. Repair any damage and tighten any loose bolts.

Never jump on or off the machine. In particular, never get on or off a moving machine. These actions may lead to serious injury.

When getting on or off the machine, always face the machine, and maintain three-point contact (both feet and one hand or one foot and both hands) with the handrails, steps, and track shoes to ensure that you support yourself securely.

Never hold any control levers when getting on or off the machine.
Apply the door lock securely. If you grip the handrail inside the door when moving on top of the track shoes, and the door lock is not applied securely, the door may move and cause you to fall.

Use the points marked by arrows in the diagram when getting on or off the machine.

Doosan S470LC-V Service Repair Manual
Doosan S470LC-V Service Repair Manual
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Doosan S470LC-V Service Repair Manual

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