Download Volvo EC330B Operator's Manual

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Download Volvo EC330B Operator's Manual


Download Volvo EC330B Operator's Manual The operator's cab has easy access via a wide door opening.
The cab is supported on hydraulic dampening mounts to reduce shock and vibration levels. These along with a sound-absorbing lining provide low noise levels. The cab has excellent all-around visibility. The front windshield can easily slide up into the ceiling, and the lower front glass can be removed and stored. The glass is stored in the door.

Integrated air conditioning and heating system:

The pressurized and filtered cab air is supplied by automatically controlled fan. The air is distributed via 13 vents.
Ergonomic operator’s seat: The adjustable seat and joystick consoles move independently to accommodate the operator.

The seat has nine different adjustments and a seat belt to meet any operator’s comfort and safety.

ENGINE: Volvo EC330B Operator's

The engine is a turbocharged, 4-stroke diesel engine with water cooling, direct injection and charged air cooler that meets EPA Tier 2 emission standards.

The engine has been developed especially for excavator use, providing good fuel economy, low noise levels and a long service life.

Air Filter: 3-stage, includes pre-cleaner Automatic Idling System: Reduces engine speed to idle
when the levers and pedals are not activated resulting in less fuel consumption and low cab noise level

– Hydraulic dampening mounts
– Fabric seat, with heater and air
• Strong digging equipment, produced by robotic welding
• High-lifting, breakout and tearout forces for tough digging conditions
• Long undercarriage for good stability
• Auxiliary hydraulic valve as standard
• Prepared for a number of optional

Download Volvo EC330B Operator's Manual
Download Volvo EC330B Operator's Manual
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Download Volvo EC330B Operator's Manual

Hydraulic system
Automatic hydraulic system
– Summation system
– Boom priority
– Arm priority
– Swing priority
Hydraulic piping
– Hammer & shear:
1 pump flow
– Quick coupler piping
Boom and arm regeneration valve
Swing anti-rebound valve
Boom and arm holding valves
Pump flow control for hammer &
Multi-stage filtering system
Cylinder cushioning
Cylinder contamination seals
Auxiliary hydraulic valve
Straight travel circuit
Automatic two-speed travel motors
Hydraulic oil, ISO VG 46

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Download Volvo EC330B Operator's Manual

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