Hitachi Zaxis ZX140-3 Zx310 Excavator Repair Manual

Hitachi Zaxis ZX140-3 Zx310 Excavator Service Manual

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Hitachi Zaxis ZX450-3 Zx870 Excavator focused on service, here are some key areas that you might want to cover:

Introduction to the Hitachi Zaxis ZX140-3 Zx310 Excavator: Begin by providing an overview of the Hitachi Zaxis ZX140-3 Zx310 Excavator excavator, its features, and capabilities. Discuss its specifications, such as engine power, operating weight, bucket capacity, and maximum digging depth.

Maintenance and Inspection: Discuss the importance of regular maintenance and inspection procedures for the Zaxis ZX140-3 Zx310 Excavator. Cover topics such as lubrication, filter replacements, fluid checks, and overall machine cleanliness. Explain the recommended maintenance intervals and highlight any specific maintenance requirements unique to the Zaxis ZX140-3 Zx310 Excavator.

Troubleshooting and Diagnostics: Provide guidance on troubleshooting common issues that may arise during the operation of the ZX140-3 Zx310 Excavator. Discuss techniques for identifying problems, such as abnormal noises, leaks, or performance issues. Explain how to use diagnostic tools and error codes to diagnose and resolve issues efficiently.

Service and Repair Procedures: Cover the necessary steps for servicing and repairing the Zaxis ZX140-3 Zx310 Excavator. Discuss topics such as disassembly and assembly of components, hydraulic system maintenance, electrical system troubleshooting, and engine repair. Emphasize safety precautions and best practices throughout the service and repair processes.

Parts and Documentation: Explain the importance of using genuine Hitachi parts for maintenance and repairs. Provide guidance on how to identify and order the correct parts for the Zaxis ZX70-3 to Zx350 Excavator. Discuss the availability of technical manuals, service bulletins, and other documentation that can aid in the servicing process.

Safety Considerations: Highlight safety protocols and practices specific to the Zaxis ZX140-3 Zx310 Excavator. Discuss proper operation procedures, including pre-start checks, machine stability, and safe work practices. Emphasize the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) and adherence to safety regulations at all times.

Q&A and Hands-on Activities: Allocate time for participants to ask questions and clarify any doubts they may have. Additionally, incorporate hands-on activities such as practicing maintenance procedures, inspecting components, or simulating troubleshooting scenarios.

Remember, this is just a general outline. Feel free to customize the workshop based on the specific needs of your audience and the level of expertise they have with the Hitachi Zaxis ZX140-3 Zx310 Excavator excavator.

Hitachi Zaxis ZX140-3 Excavator Service Manual

Service Repair Manual Covers:
Discover the advanced features and superior performance of the Hitachi Zaxis ZX140-3 Zx310 excavator. Find out how this compact machine boosts productivity and efficiency on the job site.


1 Precautions for disassembling and
2 Tightening Torque
3 Painting
4 Bleeding Air from Hydraulic Oil Tank


1 Cab
2 Counterweight
3 Main Frame
4 Pump Device
5 Control Valve
6 Swing Device
7 Pilot Valve
8 Pilot Shut-Off Valve
9 Signal Control Valve
10 Travel Shockless Valve
11 Solenoid Valve
12 Pilot Relief Valve
13 Steering Valve
14 Brake Valve
15 Accumulator Charging Valve
16 Transmission Control Valve

1 Swing Bearing
2 Travel Motor
3 Center Joint
4 Transmission
5 Axle
6 Axle Lock Cylinder
7 Operate-Check Valve

1 Front Attachment
2 Cylinder
3 Hose-Rupture Safety Valve
4 Operate-Check Valve

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Hitachi Zaxis ZX140-3 Zx310 Excavator Service Manual
Hitachi Zaxis ZX140-3 Zx310 Excavator Service Manual
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Hitachi Zaxis Zx310 Excavator Factory Manual