Hyundai 55 9a specs Operator Manual

Hyundai Robex 55W-9 R55W-9 Wheel Operating Manual

Hyundai 55 9a specs Operator Manual

This Hyundai Service manual contains various directions and security suggestions with respect to driving, giving, grease, upkeep, assessment, and change of the supplies.

The manual is to advance wellbeing upkeep and upgrade machine execution.

This Service and Repair Manual Covers the accompanying Models:

- Hyundai Robex 55W-9 R55W-9 Wheel Excavator

Hyundai 55 9a Specs:

  1. Engine:
    • Type: Tier 4 Final, turbocharged diesel engine
    • Model: Hyundai D3.0A
    • Displacement: cc
  2. Power:
    • Rated Power
    • Rated RPM
  3. Operating Weight:
    • Standard
    • With Cab
  4. Bucket Capacity:
    • Standard
  5. Hydraulic System
    • Main Pump
    • Maximum Flow Rate
    • Relief Valve Setting
      Area 1 SAFETY HINT
      1. Before working the machine
      2. During working the machine
      3. During upkeep
      4. Parking
      1. Major components
      2. Specifications
      3. Working reach
      4. Weight
      5. Lifting limits
      6. Bucket selection guide
      7. Specification for major components
      8. Recommended oils
      Section 3 CONTROL DEVICE
      1. Cab device
      2. Cluster
      3. Switches
      4. Levers and pedals
      5. Air conditioner and radiator
      6. Others
      Area 4 OPERATION
      1. Suggestion for new machine
      2. Check prior to turning over the engine
      3. Starting and stopping the engine
      4. Operation of the working device
      5. Traveling of the machine
      6. Efficient working technique
      7. Operation in the extreme work sites
      8. Normal operation of tractor
      9. Attachment lowering pattern
      10. Storage
      11. RCV switch operating pattern
      Section 5 TRANSPORTATION
      1. Road traveling
      2. Preparation for transportation
      3. Dimension and weight
      4. Loading the machine
      5. Securing the machine
      6. Loading and unloading by crane
      Area 6 MAINTENANCE
      1. Instructions
      2. Tightening torque
      3. Fuel, coolant, and oils
      4. Maintenance checklist
      5. Maintenance chart
      6. Service guidance
      7. Electrical system
      8. Air conditioner and heater
      1. Engine
      2. Electrical system
      3. Others
      1. Selecting hydraulic breaker
      2. Circuit setup
      3. Maintenance
      4. Precautions while operating the breaker
      5. Quick clamp


Item Type: Industrial Engines

Brand: Hyundai


Model: Robex 55W-9 R55W-9

Type: Wheel Excavator

Language: English

Arrangement: Adobe Acrobat Document (.pdf)/WinRAR ZIP file (.compress)

Viable: All Versions of Windows and Mac


Hyundai Robex 55W-9 R55W-9 Wheel Operating Manual

This help manual is explicitly composed for the do-it-yourselfer just as the accomplished specialist. Utilizing this maintenance manual is a modest method to keep your vehicle working appropriately.

Every Hyundai manual gives bit by bit directions dependent on the total dismantling of the machine. It is this degree of detail, alongside many photographs and delineations, that control the peruser through each help and fix method. Essentially print out the pages you need or print the whole manual overall!!!

Point by point substeps develop fix system data.

Notes, alerts, and admonitions all through every part pinpoint basic data.

Numbered guidelines control you through each maintenance methodology bit by bit.

Intense figure number assists you with coordinating with outlines with directions.

Definite representations, drawings, and photographs direct you through each methodology.

Augmented inset assists you with distinguishing and look at parts in detail.

Numbered chapter by chapter list is not difficult to utilize with the goal that you can discover the data you need quickly.

The Hyundai Robex 55W-9 R55W-9, manual likewise makes it simple to determine and fix issues to have your machine's electrical framework! Investigating and electrical help systems are joined with point-by-point wiring charts for usability.

After your installment, you will have a moment's admittance to your download! No transportation charge, no looking out for postal conveyance, you can begin doing your fixes immediately!

Hyundai Robex 55W-9 R55W-9 Wheel Operating Manual
Hyundai Robex 55W-9 R55W-9 Wheel Operating Manual
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Hyundai Robex 55W-9 R55W-9 Wheel Operating Manual

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