New Holland TN75A TN85A TN95A SERVICE Manual

New Holland TN75A TN85A TN95A Tractor SERVICE Pdf Manual

New Holland TN75D Problems

TN60A, TN70A, TN75A, TN85A, TN95A

new holland tn75a tn85a tn95a

New Holland TN75D Problems and Solutions

The New Holland TN75D tractor is a popular choice among farmers and agricultural workers for its reliability and performance. However, like any machinery, it may encounter issues over time. Here are some common problems that TN75D owners may face, along with potential solutions:

  1. Engine Overheating:
    • Problem: Engine overheating can occur due to various reasons such as a malfunctioning cooling system, low coolant levels, or clogged radiator.
    • Solution: Regularly inspect the cooling system, including hoses, radiator, and coolant levels. Clean or replace any clogged components and ensure proper airflow around the engine.
  2. Electrical Issues:
    • Problem: Electrical problems like faulty wiring, dead batteries, or malfunctioning alternators can lead to starting issues or electrical failures.
    • Solution: Check the wiring harness for any signs of wear or damage. Test the battery and alternator regularly to ensure they are functioning correctly. Replace any defective components as needed.
  3. Hydraulic System Malfunctions:
    • Problem: Hydraulic system malfunctions, such as leaks, loss of power, or erratic operation, can hamper the tractor's performance.
    • Solution: Inspect hydraulic hoses, fittings, and seals for leaks. Ensure proper fluid levels and cleanliness. Replace worn-out components and filters to maintain optimal hydraulic performance.
  4. Transmission Problems:
    • Problem: Transmission issues like slipping gears, difficulty shifting, or abnormal noises can indicate problems with the gearbox or clutch.
    • Solution: Check transmission fluid levels and condition regularly. Inspect the clutch system for wear and adjust or replace components as necessary. Consult a professional mechanic for more complex transmission repairs.
  5. PTO (Power Take-Off) Failures:
    • Problem: PTO failures, such as failure to engage, disengage, or maintain consistent power output, can affect the tractor's ability to operate attachments.
    • Solution: Check for any debris or obstructions around the PTO shaft. Lubricate moving parts regularly and inspect for signs of wear. Replace worn-out PTO components to ensure proper functionality.

Regular maintenance and timely troubleshooting are key to addressing and preventing these common problems with the New Holland TN75D tractor. By staying proactive and addressing issues promptly, tractor owners can maximize their equipment's longevity and performance on the farm.


The following pages are the collation of the contents pages from each section and chapter of the TNA Series Repair manual.

The sections used through out all New Holland product Repair manuals may not be used for each product. Each Repair manual will be made up of one or several books.

Each book will be labeled as to which sections are in the overall Repair manual and which sections are in each book.

The sections listed above are the sections utilized for the TNA Series Tractors.


00 - General
10 - Engine
18 - Clutch
21 - Transmissions
23 - Fwd Transfer Box
25 - Front Axle Mechanical Fwd
27 - Rear Mechanical Transmission
31 - Mechanical Power Take-Off
33 - Braking System
35 - Hydraulic System
41 - Steering
44 - Axles And Wheels
55 - Electrical System
90 - Platform, Cab, Bodywork

10 - Engine
Book 1 - 87393900

Chapter 1 - Engine (Three-Cylinder)

Section Description Page
Special Tools
Tightening Torques
Sectional Views
Engine Troubleshooting
10 001 10 Engine
10 001 30 Compression Test
10 001 54 Disassembly
Assembly 33

New Holland TN75A TN85A TN95A Tractor SERVICE Manual

New Holland TN60A, TN70A, TN75A, TN85A, TN95A Tractors Service Repair
New Holland TN60A, TN70A, TN75A, TN85A, TN95A Tractors Service Repair
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Chapter 2 - Cooling System (Three-Cylinder)
Section Description Page
Special Tools
Sectional Views
Description and Operation
Cooling System
Thermostatic Switch
10 402 11 Coolant Pump
10 402 28 Disassembly
10 414 10 Drive Belt Tension Adjustment
10 402 30 Cooling System Thermostat
10 406 10 Radiator

New Holland TN75A TN85A TN95A Tractor SERVICE Pdf Manual

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