Crawler Excavators

Crawler Excavators It is difficult to overestimate the importance of a crawler excavator in the construction machinery category. This multifunctional vehicle can have numerous special features. The first and most important advantage is the chassis with chains that consist of flat link chains. They ensure the high off-road mobility that is so valuable on construction sites. Another factor that contributes to a wide practical applicability is the flexible configuration. The options are available in the selection of the base and the attachments.

A variety of advantages create a strong demand for excavators. As a result, the production rates on the world market have reached an outstanding percentage. And it is reasonable that the market is very competitive.

It is common knowledge that all virtues must be observed. To get the most out of a crawler excavator, there are some operational restrictions that should be considered. Since there is a high risk of the jacket being damaged by the rails, it is not permitted to drive these vehicles on the top coat asphalt. Long-distance runs are also undesirable in order not to speed up the depreciation process, which leads to losses in efficiency.

To take full advantage of an excavator, it should be carefully selected according to future operations. The choice also requires consideration of the peculiarities of the soil. These factors in turn influence the selection of the required dimensions of a vehicle and its attachments.

In confined spaces, it is possible to use a compact version of a crawler excavator, also known as a mini excavator. Thanks to a lower machine weight, such models can be easily moved between different locations.

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