Volvo b Prime

The first three Volvo hydraulic excavators were presented at Intermat in 1997 – EC280, EC340 and EC390. Smaller and larger models as well as models with wheels soon followed. These were all built at the Eslöv plant.

In 1999 a new generation of excavators saw the light of day. The first two models of this generation were the EC210 and the EC240, which were built at the Changwon plant in South Korea.

The next generation of excavators came in 2001, the B-series excavators.

The new C-Series excavators were launched in 2007.

The updated excavators of the Prime version of the B series came in 2009. Volvo Excavators Ec

ec180b-service repair manualEC180B Prime v-ec200b-prime-service repair manualEC200B Prime volvo-show-crawler-excavator-ec210b-t2-service repair manualEC210B Prime v-ec240b-prime-service repair manualEC240B Prime
v-ec290b-prime-service repair manualEC290B Prime  v-ec330b-prime-service repair manualEC330B Prime v-ec360b-prime-service repair manualEC360B Prime v-ec460b-prime-service repair manualEC460B Prime