Hitachi Zaxis Zx50u-2 Excavator Catalog Manual

Hitachi Zaxis Zx50u-2 Excavator Parts Catalog PDF Manual.

The Hitachi Zaxis ZX50U-2 Excavator Catalog Manual likely focuses on parts and specifications rather than operation or repair procedures. Here’s a breakdown of the kind of content you might find:

  • Machine Specifications: This section would list technical details about the excavator, such as engine model, horsepower, operating weight, bucket capacity, arm reach, digging depth, and travel speed.
  • Component Diagrams: The manual would likely contain exploded diagrams of the excavator’s major components like the engine, hydraulic system, travel motors, and boom/arm/bucket assemblies.
  • Parts Lists: This section would list all the individual parts that make up the excavator, categorized by component. Each part would likely have a corresponding part number and description.
  • Ordering Information: The manual might include information on how to order replacement parts, potentially including contact details for authorized Hitachi dealers.

Overall, the Hitachi Zaxis ZX50U-2 Excavator Catalog Manual is a reference document intended to help users identify and order parts for the excavator. It likely wouldn’t contain detailed instructions on operating or repairing the machine. Hitachi Zaxis Zx27u-2 Excavator Parts Catalog PDF Manual


Model Code: ZX40U-2 / ZX50U-2
Engine Rated Power: 29.8 kW (39.9 HP)
Operating Weight: 4 610–4 830 kg / 4 950–5 170 kg Backhoe Bucket: 0.10–0.17 m3
Compact yet Powerful, Hitachi applied all its excavator expertise in the design of the new short-tail mini excavators ZX40U-2 and ZX50U-2.

These machines meet customer demands for operating comfort, enhanced safety and easier maintenance. The series complies with the latest emission regulations, noise suppression standards and ROPS/FOPS standards. Operators have superior control over the machine from the relaxed seat. Owners enjoy a lower cost of ownership due to the machine’s durability and easy maintenance.

The field-proven HN bushing, a Hitachi original, is utilized at each front pin joint to reduce jerking and servicing. Lubricating interval is a long 500 hours.
The HN bushing, another example of innovative technology developed by Hitachi, features long life and high durability. High-viscosity oil is vacuum impregnated in sintered high-hardness metal. During operation, oil oozes come from the pores of the bushing into the clearance between the pin and bushing for self-lubrication.

Hitachi Zaxis Zx50u-2 Excavator Parts Catalog PDF Manual

Automatic Travel Speed Control at High Speed (Standard)
During high-speed travel, when the load is increased for steering for example, travel speed is lowered automatically and smoothly. When the load is decreased, travel speed is resumed accordingly.

Parts Catalog Manual Contents:
Front-End Attachments
Parts Index.

Serial Number: 010001 and up
File Format: PDF
Total pages:342
Size: 11Mb
Manual Language: English

Hitachi Zaxis Zx50u-2 Excavator Parts Catalog Pdf Manual
Hitachi Zaxis Zx50u-2 Excavator Parts Catalog Pdf Manual
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Hitachi Zaxis Zx50u-2 Excavator Parts Catalog PDF Manual

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