Hyundai Robex R290nlc-7a Excavator Workshop Service Manual

Hyundai Robex R290nlc-7a Service Manual

Hyundai Robex R290nlc-7a Service Manual is model produced by Hyundai Construction Equipment. While I don’t have access to a specific service list for this model, I can provide you with a general overview of the service tasks

The manual covers: Hyundai Robex R290nlc-7a specifications
General Maintenance
Engine Service / Repair
Wiring Diagram
Electrical System
Periodic Lubrication
Fuel Injection
Heater/ Air Conditional

1. Regular Repair: Perform routine Repair, including checking for any visible damage, loose or worn parts, leaks, and normal sounds.

2. Engine Service: Follow the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals for engine maintenance tasks such as oil and filter changes, fuel filter replacements, air filter change, and coolant level checks.

3. Hydraulic System: Check fluid levels and inspect hoses and fittings for any leaks, wear, or damage. Regularly change filters as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

4. Undercarriage Maintenance: Inspect and maintain the undercarriage components, including tracks (or tires), rollers, idlers, and sprockets. Check for wear, damage, and proper tensioning.

5. Lubrication: Regularly all specified grease points as outlined in the manufacturer’s guidelines. Pay attention to pivot points, bushings, and other moving parts.

Hyundai Robex R290lc-7a R290nlc-7a Excavator Workshop Service Repair Manual
Hyundai Robex R290lc-7a R290nlc-7a Excavator Workshop Service Repair Manual
Price: $29.99

Hyundai Robex R290nlc-7a Excavator Workshop Service Manual

6. Electrical System: Hyundai R290nlc-7a service Inspect the electrical system, including the battery, wiring, and connections. Ensure all lights, gauges, and safety are functioning properly.

7. Cooling System: Check the coolant level, inspect hoses and connections, and clean the radiator and cooling fins regularly to prevent overheating.

8. Safety Components: Inspect and test safety components such as seat belts, roll-over protection structures (ROPS), and fire extinguishers. Replace or repair any damaged or non-functioning safety equipment.

9. Operator Manual: Ensure that the operator of the excavator has access to the equipment’s operator manual and is familiar with the recommended operating and service procedures.

It’s important to note that the specific service tasks and time may vary based on the manufacturer’s the operating conditions of the excavator. Consulting the official service manual provided by Hyundai Construction Equipment or contacting their customer support will provide you with the most accurate and detailed service list specific to the Hyundai Robex R290LC-7A model.

Hyundai Robex R290nlc-7a Service Manual

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