Kobelco Sk170-9 Crawler Service Repair Manual

Kobelco Sk170-9 Crawler Service Repair Manual

This Is The Complete Service Repair Manual For The Kobelco Sk170-9 Crawler Excavator. It Contains Deep Information About Maintaining, Assembly, Disassembly And Servicing Your Kobelco Sk170-9 Crawler Excavator.

This Manual Contains Information And Data To This Model. Has Specs, Diagrams, And Actual Real Photo Illustrations, And Schemes, Which Give You Complete Step By Step Operations On Repair, Diagnosing, Servicing, Technical Maintenance & Troubleshooting Procedures For Your Machine. This Manual Offers Full Information You Need For Repair Your Machine. The Information In This Manual Will Enable You To Find Trouble And To Understand How To Repair And Maintain Your Machine Without Going Into Service.


  1. Check for Error Codes: The SK170-9 is equipped with a diagnostic system that displays error codes. Refer to the operator’s manual to interpret these codes. Identifying error codes can help pinpoint specific issues.
  2. Inspect Fluid Levels: Ensure all fluid levels are within the recommended range, including engine oil, hydraulic fluid, coolant, and fuel.
  3. Inspect Hydraulic System: Check for hydraulic leaks, damaged hoses, and low hydraulic pressure. These can cause various issues with the machine’s performance.
  4. Battery and Electrical System: Make sure the battery connections are clean and secure. Check for any loose or damaged wires that may be affecting the electrical system.
  5. Engine Performance: If the engine is not running smoothly or lacks power, it could be due to fuel system issues, air filters, or fuel filters. Check and clean or replace as necessary.
  6. Cooling System: Ensure the cooling system is functioning correctly and the radiator is clean and free from debris. Overheating can lead to performance problems.
  7. Tracks and Undercarriage: Inspect the tracks and undercarriage components for wear and damage. Replace any worn-out parts to maintain proper track tension and stability.
  8. Sensors and Sensors Calibration: Many modern excavators rely on sensors for precise operation. Check if any sensors are malfunctioning or require calibration.
  9. Operator Error: Sometimes issues can arise from incorrect operation or improper handling of the machine. Make sure the operator is familiar with the machine’s controls and procedures.
  10. Software Updates: Check with the manufacturer or authorized service center for any available software updates or patches that may resolve known issues.

Kobelco Sk170-9 Crawler Service Repair Manual

Kobelco Sk170-9 Crawler Excavator Service Repair Manual
Kobelco Sk170-9 Crawler Excavator Service Repair Manual
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Service Repair Manual Contains:

Section 1 – Safety And General Information
1 – General Precautions For Making Repairs
2 – Specifications
3 – Attachment Dimensions

Section 2 – Maintenance
1 – Tools
2 – Standard Maintenance Time Table
3 – Maintenance Standard And Test Procedure

Section 3 – Systems
1 – Hydraulic System
2 – Electrical System
3 – Component System

Section 4 – Disassembly And Assembly
1 – Attachments
2 – Upper Structure
3 – Travel System

Section 5 – Troubleshooting
1 – Troubleshooting (Hydraulic System)
2 – Troubleshooting (Electrical System)
3 – Troubleshooting (Engine)

Section 6 – Engine
1 – Engine

Kobelco Sk170-9 Crawler Repair Manual