Komatsu Cd110r-1 Cd110 Crawler Carrier Service Repair Manual

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Komatsu Cd110r-1 Cd110 Crawler

A Full 360 Degree Rotation Capability; Forward-Facing Operator Position Under Any Conditions: No Space Required for U-Turns.

The ability of the cab and dump body integrated upper structure to rotate 360 degrees enables dumping at any angle, while minimizing site-damage. This ability also results in minimal wear of undercarriage, due to reduced steering necessity.

Komatsu Cd110r-1 Cd110 Crawler The full rotation capability also means the operator can always execute jobs in a forward-facing position, leading to dramatically enhanced speed of operation, without sacrificing comfort.

Komatsu Cd110r-1 Cd110


The Komatsu CD110R-1 is a crawler carrier, commonly used in construction and forestry applications. Here are some key specifications for the Komatsu CD110R-1:

  1. Engine: The CD110R-1 is typically equipped with a Komatsu SAA4D95LE-7 engine, which is a 4-cylinder diesel engine. It meets emission standards and offers good fuel efficiency.

  2. Power: The engine delivers approximately 97 horsepower (72 kW), providing ample power for various tasks.

  3. Operating Weight: The operating weight of the CD110R-1 can vary depending on the configuration and any additional attachments, but it typically falls in the range of 22,000 to 24,000 pounds (10,000 to 11,000 kilograms).

Komatsu Cd110r-1 Cd110 Crawler Carrier Service Repair Manual
Komatsu Cd110r-1 Cd110 Crawler Carrier Service Repair Manual
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World Class Komatsu Quality

35 years of experience and technology is manufactured into every crawler carrier. Komatsu’s ISO certification and critical quality control ensure that every crawler carrier will satisfy the most demanding customer. From design to production, from sales to service, Komatsu means total quality.

Field-Proven Hydraulic Components

The CD110R incorporates the most advanced hydraulic components in the market today by utilizing field-proven Komatsu hydraulic excavator technology. Rotation and control functions offer excellent
performance with unmatched reliability.

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