Kubota Bx25dlb-au, La240a, La240a Operators Manual

Kubota Bx25dlb-au La240a La240a

Kubota Bx25dlb-au La240a La240a Operators Manual
Au-sg, Bt602 Tractor Operators Manual

This Is The Complete Operators Manual For The Kubota Bx25Dlb-Au, La240A, La240A, Au-Sg, Bt602 Tractor.

This Manual Describes Procedures For Operation, Handling, Lubrication, Maintenance, Checking, And Adjustment. It Will Help The Operator And Maintenance Personnel Realize Peak Performance Through Effective, Economical And Safe Machine Operation And Maintenance.

Kubota Bx25dlb-au La240a La240a Operators Manual

Kubota Bx25dlb-au, La240a, La240a Operators Manual
Kubota Bx25dlb-au, La240a, La240a Operators Manual
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Operators Manual Contains:
Safe Operation
Specifications Of The Tractor
Specification Table
Traveling Speeds
Specifications Of The Loader
Loader Specifications
Bucket Specifications
Dimensional Specifications
Operational Specifications
Loader Terminology
Specifications Of The Backhoe
Backhoe Specifications
Lift Capacity (Per Sae J31)
Backhoe Terminology
Implement Limitations..
Instrument Panel And Controls
Pre-Operation Check Of The Tractor
Daily Check
Pre-Operation Check Of The Loader
Transmission Fluid
Rear Ballast
Rated Operating Load (Spill Guard Model Only)
Tire Inflation
Test Operation
Removing Air From Hydraulic System
Pre-Operation Check Of The Backhoe
Pre-Operation Checks
Operators Seat
Seat Belt
Tire Inflation
Operating The Engine
Starting The Engine
Cold Weather Starting
Block Heater (Option)
Stopping The Engine
Warming Up
Warm-Up And Transmission Oil In The Low Temperature Range
Jump Starting
Operating The Tractor
Operating New Tractor
Do Not Operate The Tractor At Full Speed For The First 50 Hours
Changing Lubricating Oil For New Tractors
Boarding And Leaving The Tractor
Operating Foldable Rops
To Fold The Rops
To Raise The Rops To Upright Position
Adjustment Of Foldable Rops
Operators Seat
Seat Belt
Head Light Switch
Hazard Light Switch
Turn Signal Light Switch
Brake Pedal
Range Gear Shift Lever (Hi-Lo)
Front Wheel Drive Lever
Hand Throttle Lever
Parking Brake Pedal
Speed Control Pedal
Speed Set Device
Check During Driving
Immediately Stop The Engine If:
Easy Checker(Tm)
Fuel Gauge
Coolant Temperature Gauge

Kubota La240a La240a Kubota Operators Manual