Kubota L3800D Tractor Owners Manual

Kubota L3800D Tractor Owners Manual

Before servicing the tractor, park it on a firm, flat and level surface, set the parking brake, lower all implements to the
ground, place the gear shift lever in neutral, stop the engine and remove the key.

Kubota L3800D Tractor Owners Manual
Kubota L3800D Tractor Owners Manual
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1. Allow the tractor time to cool off before working on or near the engine, muffler, radiator, etc.

2. Do not remove radiator cap while coolant is hot. When cool, slowly rotate cap to the first stop and allow sufficient time for excess pressure to escape before removing the cap completely. If the tractor has a coolant recovery tank, add coolant or water to the tank, not the radiator. (See “Checking Coolant Level” in

3. Always stop the engine before refueling. Avoid spills
and overfilling.

4. Do not smoke when working around battery or when refueling. Keep all sparks and flames away from battery and fuel tank. The battery presents an
explosive hazard, because it gives off hydrogen and oxygen especially when recharging.

5. Before “jump starting” a dead battery, read and follow all of the instructions. (See “JUMP STARTING” in “OPERATING THE ENGINE” section.)

6. Keep first aid kit and fire extinguisher handy at all

7. Disconnect the battery’s ground cable before working
on or near electric components.

8. To avoid the possibility of battery explosion, do not use or charge the refillable type battery if the fluid level is below the LOWER ( lower limit level ) mark. Check the fluid level regularly and add distilled water as required so that the fluid level is between the UPPER and LOWER levels.

Kubota L3800D Tractor Owners Manual