New Holland TN55D TN55S TN65D Tractors Service Manual

New Holland TN55D TN55S TN65D Hydraulic System Manual

New Holland Tn55d Deluxe Tractor Master Illustrated Parts Pdf Manual

This Is The Complete Service Repair Manual For The New Holland Tn55D, Tn55S, Tn65D, Tn65S, Tn70D, Tn70S, Tn75D, Tn75S Tractors. It Contains Deep Information About Maintaining, Assembly, Disassembly And Servicing Your New Holland Tractors.

This TN55D TN55S TN65D Tractors Hydraulic System Manual Manual Contains Information And Data To This Model. Has Specs, Diagrams, And Actual Real Photo Illustrations, And Schemes, Which Give You Complete Step By Step Operations On Repair, Diagnosing, Servicing, Technical Maintenance & Troubleshooting Procedures For Your Machine. This Manual Offers Full Information You Need For Repair Your Machine.

New Holland TN55D Specs Service:


Type: 3-cylinder diesel engine
Displacement: Approximately 2.9 liters
Horsepower: Around 55 horsepower

Type: Synchronized shuttle or power shuttle
Number of Gears: 8 forward and 8 reverse (with synchronized shuttle)
PTO (Power Take-Off):

Rear PTO: Standard (540 RPM)
Optional Mid PTO: Available

Hydraulic Remotes: Available

Front Tires: Various options available
Rear Tires: Various options available

Approximately 4,000 to 4,500 pounds (depending on configuration)

Models Covered:


New Holland TN55D TN55S TN65D Tractors Transmissions Manual

Service Repair Manual Contains:

00 – General
10 – Engine
18 – Clutch
21 – Transmissions
23 – Fwd Transfer Box And Auto Fwd
25 – Front Axle (Fwd)
27 – Rear Mechanical Drive
31 – Mechanical Power Take-Off
33 – Braking System
35 – Hydraulic System
41 – Steering
44 – Axles And Wheels
50 – Cab Air Conditioning System
55 – Electrical System
90 – Cab

The New Holland TN55D, TN55S, and TN65D are agricultural tractors produced by New Holland, a well-known manufacturer of agricultural machinery. These tractors are part of the New Holland TN-D series, which is designed for various farming applications. They are known for their reliability and versatility in agricultural operations.

The TN55D and TN55S are compact tractors designed for small to medium-sized farms. They typically offer a range of engine options and horsepower ratings to suit different farming needs. These tractors are often used for tasks such as plowing, tilling, mowing, and general farm maintenance.

The TN65D, on the other hand, is part of the same series but likely comes with a higher horsepower rating compared to the TN55 models. This extra power makes it suitable for more demanding agricultural tasks.

If you’re interested in these tractors, you can find technical specifications, brochures, and repair manuals available online. Additionally, there are listings for parts and service information to help maintain and repair these tractors.

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New Holland TN55D, TN55S, TN65D, TN65S, TN70D, TN70S, TN75D, TN75S Tractors Service Repair Manual
New Holland TN55D, TN55S, TN65D, TN65S, TN70D, TN70S, TN75D, TN75S Tractors Service Repair Manual
Price: $29.99

TN55D TN55S TN65D Tractors Hydraulic System Manual

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