PowerBox 1438 1448 Self Propelled Paver Operators Manual

1438 1448 PowerBox Self Propelled Paver Operators Manual

1438, 1448, PowerBox, Self, Propelled, Paver, Operator’s, Manual,

Throughout this manual, information is provided which is set in italic type and introduced by the word NOTE or IMPORTANT. Be sure to read carefully and comply with the message or directive given. Following this infor- mation will improve your operating or maintenance efficiency, help you to avoid breakdowns or damage and extend your machine’s life. A chart of standard hardware torques is located in the back of this manual.

A plastic container is provided on the unit for storing the Operator’s Manual. After using the manual, please return it to the container and keep it with the unit at all times! If this machine is resold, GEHL Company recommends that this Manual be given to the new owner.
“Right” and “left” are determined from a position standing on the screed platform and facing forward.

1438 1448 PowerBox Self Propelled Paver Operators Manual

Our wide dealership network stands by to provide you with any assistance you may require, including genuine GEHL service parts. All parts should be obtained from GEHL dealer. Give complete information about the part and include the model and serial number of your machine. Record the serial number in the space provided on the previous page, as a handy record for quick reference.
GEHL Company reserves the right to make changes or improvements in the design or construction of any part without incurring the obligation to install such changes on any unit previously delivered.

Before you attempt to operate this equipment, read and study the following safety information. In addition, make sure that every individual who operates or works with this equipment, whether family member or employee, is familiar with these safety precautions.

The Gehl Company ALWAYS takes the operator’s safety into consideration when designing its machinery and guards exposed moving parts for his/her protec- tion. However, some areas cannot be guarded or shielded in order to assure proper operation. Further, this Operator’s Manual, Safety Manual for operating and maintenance personnel and decals on the machine, warn of additional hazards and should be read and observed closely.

1438 1448 PowerBox Self Propelled Paver Operator’s Manual
1438 1448 PowerBox Self Propelled Paver Operator’s Manual
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