Volvo A25c Truck Service Repair Manual

Volvo A25c pdf Articulated Dump Truck Service Repair Manual

This Volvo A25c pdf Guidebook consists of info and also data to this model. has specs, representations, as well as actual real picture pictures, and systems, which offer you comprehensive detailed procedures on maintenance and repair, maintenance, technological maintenance & repair procedures for your equipment. this manual offers full info you require for maintenance and repair your A25c.

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Volvo a25c specs

The Volvo A25c is a powerful and reliable articulated dump truck designed for heavy-duty construction and mining operations. Known for its exceptional performance and durability, this machine is equipped with a range of impressive specifications that make it a popular choice among operators.

  • Engine: The Volvo A25c is powered by a **Volvo D10B LA E3** engine, providing **gross power of 245 horsepower** and **net power of 234 horsepower**. This engine is known for its fuel efficiency and low emissions.
  • Transmission: The truck features a **Volvo HTE1160 transmission** with **6 forward and 2 reverse gears**. This transmission allows for smooth and efficient operation on various terrains.
  • Capacity: The **load capacity of the A25c** is **25 tons**, making it suitable for transporting large volumes of material in a single trip.
  • Body: The dump truck is equipped with a **high-strength steel body** that is designed to withstand heavy loads and harsh working conditions. The body has a **heaped capacity of 16.7 m3** and features a **tailgate with automatic opening and closing**.
  • Suspension: The A25c features a **hydro-pneumatic suspension system** that provides excellent stability and comfort, even on rough terrains.
  • Tires: The truck is equipped with **radial tires** that offer superior traction and durability.
  • Operating Weight: The A25c has an **operating weight of approximately 22,000 kg**, ensuring stability and balance during operation.

Volvo A25c pdf Articulated Dump Truck Service Repair Manual

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Service & Maintenance
Electrical & Information System
Power Transmission
Frame & Wheels
Cab & Interior
Hydraulic System,working hydraulics & other equipment
Hydraulic and Electric shematics

Volvo A25c Articulated Dump Truck Service Repair Manual
Volvo A25c Articulated Dump Truck Service Repair Manual
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