VOLVO A45G Parts Catalog Manual

VOLVO A45G Parts Catalog Manual

VOLVO A45G Parts Catalog Manual

Only genuine parts are presented in this catalogue. These parts have been subjected to the necessary function and endurance tests, and they comply with the high quality and safety requirements that have been set for Volvo Construction Equipment.

You should note that warranties do not cover damages that are caused or aggravated by the fact that a non genuine part was fitted.

The illustrations shown in the catalogues should not be used as assembly or workshop instructions. Separate literature for the various specific subject areas is available for that purpose.

The owner of the machine or equipment should state the model designation, manufacturing number, part number, quantity, and the name, or description, of the part when ordering parts.

Volvo a45g service manual

Volvo A45G Service Manual: The Volvo A45G is a heavy-duty articulated hauler designed to deliver exceptional performance and productivity in demanding construction and mining applications. The service manual for the Volvo A45G provides detailed information and instructions for maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing this powerful machine. It is an essential resource for technicians and operators to ensure the smooth operation and longevity of the Volvo A45G.

  • General information about the Volvo A45G
  • Specifications and technical data
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Repair instructions
  • Electrical system diagrams
  • Hydraulic system diagrams
  • Parts catalog and identification
  • Safety precautions
  • Special tools and equipment required

In addition to part numbers, the Parts Catalogue also includes a vast amount of essential
information which you, the operator, should be acquainted with.

With the "Catalogue Guide", we want to show clearly how the catalogues are arranged
and what sort of information is presented therein.

VOLVO A45G Parts Catalog Manual

VOLVO A45G Parts Catalog Manual
VOLVO A45G Parts Catalog Manual
Price: $49.99

Group 1 Preface and Instructions

Here you can find the following information:

Title page and publication number
Group index
Product signs
List of items of equipment adapted to market requirements that have been introduced
Catalogue Guide
Table of abbreviations
Group 2 9 Text and illustration pages
The table of contents shows the division of the main groups into subgroups, with
reference to page number and section.
Illustration page. The position number of the illustration refers to the text page.
Text page

  1. Heading.
  2. Additional text which limits the validity of the section. An example is information
    relating to manufacturing numbers and equipment adapted to market requirements.
  3. Designation for quantity columns.
  4. Illustrations.
  5. Group, section, page, which you should use when you search for information in the catalogue.
  6. Catalogue identification and issue designation.
  7. Position number of the part on the associated drawing.
  8. Part number
  9. Quantity. The column designation indicates the version which is shown in each
    column. The quantity stated refers to the quantity for each machine or, where
    appropriate, for each complete unit.

"REQ" refers to the required amount. See also "Notes" column.

  1. PS (Parts Status) indicates the status code of the part.
    "NS" means that the part is not kept in stock.

VOLVO A45G Parts Catalog Manual

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