Volvo Bm A25c Articulated Dump Truck Service Pdf

Volvo a25c Specs:
How much does a Volvo A25C weigh?

The Volvo A25C is a rugged and dependable articulated hauler designed for heavy-duty hauling tasks in demanding construction, mining, and quarrying environments. In terms of weight, the Volvo A25C typically weighs approximately 22,000 kilograms or around 48,500 pounds when empty. However, the exact weight may vary depending on factors such as optional equipment, attachments, and configurations.

What is the capacity of the Volvo A25?

The Volvo A25 is a renowned articulated hauler known for its robust performance and impressive capabilities. Regarding capacity, the Volvo A25 typically offers a generous payload capacity of around 25 metric tons or approximately 55,115 pounds. This ample capacity allows the Volvo A25 to efficiently transport large quantities of material, such as earth, gravel, or other heavy loads, across various terrains and job sites. With its sturdy construction, powerful engine, and advanced features, the Volvo A25 is a reliable and versatile machine trusted by contractors and operators worldwide for demanding construction, mining, and earthmoving applications.

Volvo Bm A25c Articulated Dump Truck Service

This comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricate details of maintaining and servicing the Volvo A25C Dump Truck to ensure it operates at its optimal level, outperforming expectations.

Volvo low emission direct-injected, turbocharged, inter-cooled high-performance diesel engine.

Bm A25c Articulated Dump

• Fully automatic powershift transmission, electronically controlled.
• Dropbox with a longitudinal differential lock and high and low gear ranges.
• Hydraulic retarder as standard.

• 100% lock-up differential locks. One longitudinal and three transverse diff-locks.
• Front axle with three-point suspension and effective shock absorption.
Volvo terrain bogie,
individually oscillating axles, and high ground clearance.
• Load and dump brake.
• Low interior noise level.
• Adjustable steering wheel.

A25c differential

The A25C differential is an essential component of the Volvo BM A25C Articulated Dump Truck. It plays a crucial role in the truck’s drivetrain system, allowing power to be distributed evenly between the wheels. The differential enables the truck to navigate challenging terrains and maintain stability while carrying heavy loads. Understanding the different parts and functions of the A25C differential is essential for proper maintenance and troubleshooting. Below is a list of key elements related to the A25C differential:

  • Differential housing: The outer casing that encloses the internal components of the differential.
  • Ring gear: A large gear that is attached to the differential housing and meshes with the pinion gear.
  • Pinion gear: A small gear that is connected to the driveshaft and meshes with the ring gear.
  • Spider gears: Two small gears located inside the differential housing that allow the wheels to rotate at different speeds while turning.
  • Side gears: Two gears attached to the axles, which mesh with the spider gears and transfer power to the wheels.
  • Bearing races: The surfaces where the bearings sit, allowing smooth rotation of the differential components.
  • Bearings: Cylindrical or tapered roller bearings that support the differential components and allow them to rotate with minimal friction.
  • Seals: Rubber or metal rings that prevent lubricant leakage and contamination inside the differential housing.

Volvo Bm A25c Articulated Dump Service Repair Manual

Dual circuit system with air-hydraulic disc brakes. Comply with ISO 3450 and SAE J1473 at total machine weight.

Circuit Division: One circuit for the front axle and one for bogie axles.

Parking brake: Spring-applied, air-released disc brake on the propeller shaft, designed to hold a loaded machine on a grade up to 18%. When the parking brake is applied, the longitudinal differential is locked.

Load and dump brake: With the engine running, the service brake on the bogie axles is applied together with the parking brake.

Compressor: Gear-driven by engine transmission. Exhaust brake: Standard.
Retarder: Hydraulic, integrated into the transmission as standard. Infinitely variable with the retarder pedal or full effect applied- via the service brake pedal.

For retarding capability incl. retarder, exhaust brake, and engine see graph on page 4.

A25C 6×6 2000 specifications
Engine Volvo TD 73 KCE
Rated output at, r/s (r/min) 40,0 (2 400)
SAE J1349 gross, kW (hp) 190 (258)
SAE J1349 net, kW (hp) 187 (254)
Max torque at, r/s (r/min) 20 (1 200)
SAE J1349 gross, Nm 1 090
SAE J1349 net, Nm 1 080
Max speed, km/h 52
Load capacity SAE struck, m3 10,6
Payload, t 22,5
Net weight, t 17,8
Gross weight, t 40,3

Volvo Bm A25c Articulated Dump Truck Service Repair Manual Pdf
Volvo Bm A25c Articulated Dump Truck Service Repair Manual Pdf
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Volvo Bm A25c Articulated Dump Truck Service