Volvo Ec25 Excavator Service Repair Guide

Volvo Ec25 Compact Excavator Service Parts Pdf Manual Instant

Volvo Ec25 Compact Excavator Service Repair Manual

These capacities are given for a machine without a bucket or quick attachment and equipped with rubber tracks for a full load lifted 360 °. The capacity of freight represents 75% of the tipping load or 87% of the hydraulic limit.

Caution: In accordance with EN 475-5, for maintenance operations, the machine It must be equipped with a safety valve on the boom cylinder and an indicator overload (available in option).

Volvo Ec-25 construction machinery is different. Why It has a design, manufacturing and after-sales service unsurpassed. The difference comes from our 170 years dedicated to engineering we have been taught to think first Instead, in the people who actually use the machines. To think what to do to improve their safety, comfort and productivity.

To think about the environment we all we share. The result is a range of machinery not stops growing and global support network with a commitment clear: to help you do more. Use Volvo is proud Worldwide. And we're proud of it which makes Volvo different.


Volvo Ec25 Excavator Service Repair Guide

Dry air filter.
Electric preheating device.
Decanter, pre-filter and oil filter diesel
Purge plug under tank
diesel oil.
Protection plate of the oil pan.
Continuous adjustment of engine speed.
Electric system
Battery 12 V - 70 Ah.
12 V electrical socket for portable lamp.
Rubber tracks 300 mm wide.
Dozer blade.
Points towing and anchor.
Remote lubrication of the slewing ring.
Hydraulic system
ISO assisted hydraulic controls.
Additional double-acting hydraulic valve
for attachments with a control pedal
folding and direct return of oil to
hydraulic reservoir.
Attachment circuit piping (double-acting +
return) to the bottom of the pen.
assisted hydraulic displacement control
of the boom by the left control.
Control of forward movement by
two levers coupled to the
Cab (cab version)
FOPS (Falling Objects Protective Structure)
Level 1.
TOPS (Tip-Over Protective Structure).
ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure).
Seat multi-adjustable sprung
coated fabric.
slip floor and handles
grip to access the cabin

Volvo Ec-25 Compact Excavator Workshop Service Repair Manual
Volvo Ec-25 Compact Excavator Workshop Service Repair Manual
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Volvo Ec25 Excavator Service Repair Guide

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