Volvo Ecr28 Compact Excavator Service Catalogue Manual

Volvo Ecr28 Compact Excavator Service Parts Manual

Make long working days easier. Try out the Volvo Models ECR28 and ECR38. Short swing radius excavators with a real difference. They turn within the width of their own tracks – ideal for tight job- sites. Volvo Trucks.

Both models have a short swing radius so the counterweight turns within the track width. You can work in confined spaces, eliminating the risk of hitting a wall or obstacle. An obvious result is enhanced safety on congested jobsites.

The spacious cab features an uncluttered floor, with plenty of room for your feet, and a deluxe, adjustable suspension seat, with a high back and armrests to reduce fatigue. There’s excellent visibility because of the large glass area on all four sides, the thin cab pillars, the wide windscreen and the low, compact engine cover. Optional exterior rearview mirrors help to further improve visibility and safety.

The instrument panel features gauges, audible alarms and lights and is located within easy view of the operator so he or she can monitor all key machine functions.

Volvo Ecr28 Compact Excavator Service Parts Catalogue Manual Download

Both units feature highly responsive, pilot-assist joystick levers for precise movement. The levers are mounted to the seat for comfort and less operator fatigue. The right joystick lever also has a thumb roller proportional control to operate the auxiliary circuit. This provides precise control of attachments that use double-acting hydraulics – thumbs, augers, swivel attachments, etc.

In addition, there’s a button on the front of the joystick that sends maximum flow to attachments, such as breakers, that use single-acting hydraulic flow.

The Volvo engine ECR28 and ECR38 are designed for low noise, both inside and outside of the cab. The operator’s platform is mounted on rubber bushings to help reduce noise and vibration, and there is high-performance soundproofing foam that helps further insulate against noise. In addition, the quiet, new- generation Volvo engine has an extremely efficient exhaust system.

Volvo Ecr28 Compact Excavator Service Parts Catalogue Manual
Volvo Ecr28 Compact Excavator Service Parts Catalogue Manual
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As a result, the low sound levels help reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity.

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