Volvo Ew60c Excavator Service Parts Manual

Volvo Ew60c Compact Excavator Service Parts Catalog Manual

Volvo Ew60c Service Repair Manual

Volvo ew60c compact excavator service parts

Powerful operational capacity
With its smooth controls and powerful Volvo engine, the EW60C provides operating performance that exceeds expectations.
Travel capacity on sloping sites
With its new drive system and powerful, Volvo engine, the EW60C ensures class-leading performance in flat or sloping conditions.
Automatic idling system
With its new, cutting edge, auto-idling system, the engine automatically reverts to idle mode if the controls are not touched for five seconds.

Volvo Ew60c Service Parts Catalog Manual

Axle locking system
The fixed-type cylinder-supported axle locking system guarantees optimum performance and durability in operation.
Bucket and dozer blade in harmony
The gap between the bucket and blade has been redesigned to be as narrow as possible, making it ideal for leveling and various finishing operations.
Applied air compressor
The EW60C’s high-performance, air compressor has ample injection pressure capacity and is perfect for maintaining interior and exterior equipment.
Volvo engine
Powerful, proven Volvo diesel engine delivers top
performance along with quiet, environmentally friendly operation and leading fuel efficiency. Direct injection for fast, efficient mixing of fuel in the engine. Meets Tier 3 environmental emission standards — for more power and efficiency. The engine is controlled electronically by the V ECU.

Gear-shifting control system and RPM control switch
Hydraulic type gear-shifting, control system maneuvers in a simple manner and is ideal for operating on sloping ground.
Volvo Safety Pack
Rotary type RPM control switch maintains Rotary type work mode control switch is optimum engine speed control for all work, convenient for both work and travel. Conditions.

Volvo Ew60c Compact Excavator Service Parts Catalogue Manual
Volvo Ew60c Compact Excavator Service Parts Catalogue Manual
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Volvo Ew60c Compact Catalog Manual

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