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All manuals are downloaded from the internet.

If you experience any problems downloading files, check the following:

1. Make sure the link you see and click does not have any line breaks
2. Avoid starting multiple file downloads on large files (greater than 50 MB)
3. Avoid screen savers and other power saving options on your computer
4. For paid files, avoid download managers
5. Your Internet browser must accept cookies

How do I download a PDF manual on my pc or laptop ?

Answer: the manual was sent instant download, but check your spam folder

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You can download the file on your PC/ Mac and then save it to any cloud services (iCloud/ Dropbox/ Google Drive) which will sync to all devices which the cloud service is attached to.

If you want to download directly to your smartphone or tablet then use your purchased download link on your device which will start the download. Once complete, please read the instructions below (advised to be connected to Wi-Fi if downloading a large file)

To note: If the PDF manual you’ve downloaded is fairly large, then it will be in .zip format. You’ll need an application to extract the .zip file on your device. There’s several free apps available on the App Store/ Play Store.

Your product is in a compressed "RAR" format to reduce download times.

Depending upon your machine, you can use one of the following unzip utilities to open it.

If you are downloading to a mobile device, please download the utility before your file.

Free Zip files utility, free RAR files extractor

Open RAR TAR 7Z ZIP ZI PX file, 150+ formats supported

7zip (for Mac, PC or Linux) from here:

For Mac users:

For iPhone/iPad users:

For Android users:

Finally, please ensure that the download is complete before opening the file.

Around ninety percent of all download problems are due to incomplete file transfers. This can result in an error such as “file damaged”.

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