Agrotron TTV 7210 7250 Service Manual

Agrotron TTV 7210 7230 7250 Service Repair Manual

Agrotron TTV 7210 7250 Service Manual

7210 TTV Agrotron

7230 TTV Agrotron

7250 TTV Agrotron

Precautions for refitting operations

l Tighten nuts and screws to the specified tightening torques. l When refitting flexible pipes and cables, take care not to twist or tangle them. l Always fit new seals, O-rings, split pins, and safety stop rings; make sure that the ends of the cotter pins are separated and bent back so that the pin cannot be withdrawn from the hole. l Ensure that circlips are correctly installed in their seatings. l When applying the thread-locking compound, first clean the part to remove all oil and grease, then cover the thread evenly applying a few drops of the compound.

l When applying sealant, first clean the surface removing all traces of oil and grease, and check for dirt or indentations, then apply the sealant evenly making sure that it forms a continuous film around any fixing holes. l Clean all parts, removing dirt, oxidization, carbon deposits, burrs, and indentations.

l Coat all moving parts with a thin film of engine oil. l When reconnecting electrical wiring connectors, first remove all traces of oil, dust, and water from the inside of the connector and then push the two halves together firmly; connectors with locking tabs should be pushed together until the tab engages the keeper. l Bolt down flanged fittings evenly, tightening the screws gradually in a crosswise pattern.

 Safety notes
 General safety rules
 Safety precautions for removal and refitting operations
 Lifting instructions
 Tightening torques
 Threadlockers, adhesives, sealants and lubricants
 Conversion factors
 Tightening torques for nuts and bolts of electrical connections
 Standard tightening torques
 Battery terminal tightening torques
 Starter motor tightening torques
 Alternator tightening torques
 Wheel rim to hub screws and nuts tightening torques
Technical characteristicsEngine
 Motor description - construction type
 Engine description - Images of engine
 Engine description - Lubricant oil diagram
 Engine description - Fuel circuit diagram
 Engine description - Coolant diagram
 Engine description - Exhaust gas recovery
 Engine description - Exhaust gas after-treatment
 Engine description - Electrical/electronic system
 Use - Environmental conditions
 Use - First start-up
 Usage - Starting procedure
 Usage - Controlling engine operation
 Use - exhaust gas after-treatment systems
 Usage - Active regeneration
 Usage - Passive regeneration
 Use - Stop procedure
 Operating materials - lubricant oil
 Operating materials - Fuel
 Operating materials - Coolant
 Fluids - SCR reduction agent
 Maintenance - Maintenance schedule
 Care and maintenance work - Lubricant oil system
 Care and maintenance work - Fuel distribution system
 Care and maintenance - SCR
 Care and maintenance work - Cooling system
 Care and maintenance work - Engine cleaning
 Care and maintenance work - Intake system
 Care and maintenance work - Belt transmissions
 Care and maintenance - Adjustments and settings
 Care and maintenance work - Electrical system
 Malfunctions - Malfunction table
 Faults - Engine management
 Transport and storage - Transport
 Transport and storage - Transport and storage
 Technical data - Engine data and adjustment data
 Technical data - Tools
 Engine accessories
 Pressure transducer (L3)
 Pressure sensor (L3)
 Temperature sender (L3)
 Speed indicator (L3)
 NOx sensor (L3)
 Removing and fitting fuel lines (fuel delivery pump - fuel control block) (L3)
 Fitting and removing the temperature sender (exhaust gas) (L3)
 Temperature sender (exhaust gas) (L3)
 Transmission (7210 TTV Agrotron)
 Transmission (50 Km/h) (7230 TTV Agrotron)
 Transmission (60 Km/h) (7230 TTV Agrotron)
 System diagram (7230 TTV Agrotron)
 Description of function (7230 TTV Agrotron)
 Transmission control (7230 TTV Agrotron)
 Front axle
 Front axle - Version with disc brakes
 Bodywork - Cab - Platform
 Air conditioning system
 Supplementary heating - Webasto - General description

Agrotron TTV 7210 7230 7250 Service Repair Manual
Agrotron TTV 7210 7230 7250 Service Repair Manual
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Agrotron TTV 7210 7230 7250 Service Repair Manual

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