Doosan DX170W Excavator Repair Manual

Doosan DX170W Repair Manual

Doosan DX170W Excavator Repair Manual

Format: PDF
Language: English
Publication No: K1042891E
Serial Number: 5001 and Up

DOOSAN DX170W Instruction Table of Content:
Wheel Excavator Safety SP002195
Specification for DX170WSP001864
General Maintenance
General Maintenance Procedures.. SP000016
Standard TorquesSP000813
Upper Structure
Cabin (Non-ROPS) . SP002194
Cabin (ROPS)SP002191
Fuel Tank. SP001867
Fuel Transfer PumpSP001868
Swing BearingSP001869
Swing Reduction Gear SP000921
Lower Structure and Chassis
Ram Lock ValveSP000923
Selector ValveSP000926
Double Pilot Check Valve SP000927
Solenoid Valve SP000928
Front Axle SP000929
Rear Axle . SP000930
Engine and Drivetrain
Transmission . SP000962
Drive Coupling (Main Pump).. SP000963
Hydraulic System Troubleshooting, Testing and Adjustment SP002229
Center Joint (Swivel) SP000919
Cylinders SP001870
Main Control Valve . SP001990
Swing MotorSP001871
Travel MotorSP001872
Counterbalance Valve SP000991
Main Pump & PTO SP001873
Gear Pump . SP000989
Service Brake Supply Valve .. SP000990
Dozer Control ValveSP000992
Steering Valve SP000993
Accelerator Pedal Valve (Hydraulic) .. SP001515
Remote Control Valve (Work Lever / Joystick) . SP000189
Breaker EPPR Valve (Opt) . SP001874
Service Brake Pedal Valve . SP001006
Solenoid Valve Assembly SP000997
Hydraulic Schematic (DX170W) .. SP001875

Electrical System
Electrical System (Non-ROPS). SP002212
Electrical System (ROPS)SP002213
Electrical Schematic DX140W/160W/170W/190W/210W .. SP002201
Boom and Arm SP001876

How to Use The Doosan DX170W Excavator Guide Manual:

This manual provides information for servicing the DX170W Doosan Excavator. All service procedures are broken down into detailed steps, listed in their recommended sequence. The manual uses both photographs and drawings to help locate and itemize components. The table of Contents on the preceding pages is your best tool for finding the service procedure you need. Be certain to observe all Safety information included in these pages.

A schematic of each of the major engine systems is provided at the beginning of the section of the manual devoted to troubleshooting and repairing that particular system.

Basic safety precautions are list in the Safety section of the Doosan DX170W Excavator Service Manual. Additional safety precautions are list in the Safety section of the owner/operation/maintenance publication. Specific safety warnings for all these publications are provided in the description of operations where hazards exist. WARNING labels have also been put on the product to provide instructions and to identify specific hazards.

Performance: Doosan DX170W Service Repair Manual

The performance of the DX170w has a direct effect on its productivity. Its new “Common Rail” engine and
new e-EPOS controlled hydraulic system have combined to create an unbeatable hydraulic excavator,
with a cost/performance ratio that makes the DX170w even more appealing.

At the heart of the hydraulic excavator is the new “Common Rail” Doosan DL06 engine. It is combined with the new e-EPOS electronic control system, for optimum power and fuel saving. The new engine produces 138 Hp (103 kW/140 Ps) at only 2.000 rpm,and more torque, due to its careful design combined with the use of common rail injection and 4 valves per cylinder. These features help optimize combustion and minimize pollution through reduced Nox & particulate emissions.
Increased torque allows efficient use of the power of the hydraulic system.
• Faster working cycles increase productivity.
• Increased torque means the excavator is able to move more easily.
• Energy efficiency reduces fuel consumption.

Doosan DX170W Excavator Repair Manual

The new DX170w hydraulic excavator has all the advantages of previous model, and now offers additional added value to the operator.
• Increased production and improved fuel economy are attributed to the electronic optimization of the hydraulic system and the new generation
DOOSAN engine (Tier IIIa).
• Improved ergonomics, increased comfort and excellent all round visibility ensuring a safe and pleasant working environment.
• Improved reliability is achieved through the use of high performance materials combined with new methods of structural stress analysis, and leads to increased component life expectancy, thus reducing running costs.
• Reduced maintenance increases the availability and reduces operating costs of the excavator.

Doosan DX170W Crawler Excavator Workshop Service Repair Manual
Doosan DX170W Crawler Excavator Workshop Service Repair Manual
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Doosan DX170W Repair Manual

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