Different Types Of Excavator Parts

Different Types Of Excavator Parts

Excavators are essential machines for all kinds of heavy construction work to accomplish the task at hand. These machines mainly consist of a house, a bucket, a stick, and a boom. Different types of work require excavators with different configurations that are readily available on the market. The most common types of excavators found on typical construction sites are:

Heavy Construction Equipment

Different Types Of Excavator Parts

Dump truck: A heavy-duty dump truck that tilts backwards to dispose of loose material.

End loader: A platform lift that lifts loads so that they are level with the rear of the truck.

Wipers: These are responsible for scraping too high places on the construction site and for soil settling in too low places.

Backhoe loader: A type of backhoe loader in which the bucket is rigidly attached to a rod on the boom.

Bulldozer: machines with large knives to transport a large volume of material from a construction site.

Chain hoe: A large boom machine that can dig holes and deep trenches.
Large end loaders: These machines can transport large loads without the risk of breakage because the steering system works on strong drive axles
excavation parts.

To generate increased torsion, normal rubber tires can be replaced by steel spiked wheels. However, this is only intended for use in special types of terrain, which is why this special equipment cannot be used on normal roads. If you need a rubber track, the use of a Tuff-track rubber track is strongly recommended. These have been developed to meet the requirements of the most demanding challenges and to ensure unprecedented durability under all working conditions.

Parts maintenance and Excavator Guide Service

The parts of an excavator machine usually have to be serviced regularly. For example, strips of removable metal are attached to the buckets, which can be worn and replaced. Make sure you keep an eye on these repairs to make sure your excavator is performing at its maximum.

Different Types Of Excavator Parts

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