Case Service Maintenance

Case Service Maintenance

Service Details:

Regular maintenance and servicing are crucial to keep these tractors in optimal working condition. Here are some general service guidelines:

Oil and Filter Changes: Regularly change the engine oil and filters according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Air Filter: Clean or replace the air filter regularly to ensure proper engine performance and prevent dust and debris from entering the system.

Fuel System: Inspect the fuel system for leaks, and keep the fuel filters clean or replace them as needed.

Cooling System: Check coolant levels and ensure the radiator is clean and free of debris to prevent overheating.

Hydraulic System: Regularly check hydraulic fluid levels and inspect for any leaks. Change hydraulic filters as recommended.

Tires and Wheels: Inspect tire pressure, tread wear, and wheel bolts regularly. Proper tire maintenance ensures stability and traction.

Electrical System: Keep the battery charged and clean. Check lights, switches, and wiring for any issues.

Brakes and Clutch: Inspect the brakes and clutch for proper operation and adjust as needed.

Transmission and PTO: Regularly check transmission fluid levels and ensure smooth engagement of the power take-off (PTO) system.

General Inspections: Perform routine inspections of belts, hoses, and other components for wear and tear. Lubricate moving parts as required.

845B, 845 B DHP
865 B AWD

Case Service Maintenance

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