Kobelco SK60 Excavator Repair Service Manual

Kobelco SK60 Hydraulic Crawler Excavator Service Repair Manual - Pdf Workshop

Kobelco SK60 Excavator Repair Service Manual

This is the highly detailed factory service repair manual for Kobelco SK60 Hydraulic Excavator, has this Service Manual pictures and detailed step-by-step instructions, it is 100 percent complete and undamaged. They are written specifically for the do-it-yourself-er as well as the experienced mechanic.

This Manual provides Kobelco sk60 hydraulic filter service step-by-step instructions because of full Demon of the machine. It is this level of detail, along with hundreds of photos and illustrations, the reader through each service and repair process.

Complete download is in PDF format, the work among all PC-based Windows operating system and Mac also, all the pages are printable. This repair manual is an inexpensive way, your car is working properly.


Kobelco SK60 Hydraulic Crawler Repair Manual

Applicable Machines:

Kobelco LE-11001 and UP

Service repair manual covers:

Location and the weight of components
Maintenance standard and test method
Working standard
Drive System
Hydraulic system
Swing System
Travel System
Control System
Top frame
Electrical System
Air-Conditioner System
Hydraulic pump
Control valve
Other Valves
Hydraulic motor
Hydraulic Cylinder
Reduction unit
And More …

Kobelco sk60 hydraulic pump:

The hydraulic pump in the Kobelco SK60 excavator is a critical component responsible for generating the hydraulic pressure needed to operate various hydraulic systems, including the boom, arm, and bucket cylinders. The hydraulic pump is typically located within the hydraulic system of the excavator and is driven by the engine.

Here are some key points about the hydraulic pump in the Kobelco SK60:

  1. Type: The hydraulic pump in the SK60 is typically a variable displacement axial piston pump. This type of pump allows for variable flow rates and pressure output, providing efficient operation and control over hydraulic functions.
  2. Function: The hydraulic pump pressurizes hydraulic fluid (usually hydraulic oil) and delivers it to the hydraulic cylinders and motors throughout the excavator's hydraulic system. This pressurized fluid is used to power the various hydraulic functions of the machine, such as lifting, digging, and tilting.
  3. Maintenance: Proper maintenance of the hydraulic pump is essential for the efficient operation of the excavator. Regular inspection, cleaning, and servicing of the hydraulic system, including the pump, can help prevent issues such as leaks, overheating, and premature wear.
  4. Replacement: If the hydraulic pump in the Kobelco SK60 experiences failure or significant wear, it may need to be replaced. Replacement pumps are available from Kobelco dealers or aftermarket suppliers, and professional installation is recommended to ensure proper function and performance.
  5. Troubleshooting: If you suspect issues with the hydraulic pump, such as reduced performance or unusual noises, it's important to diagnose and address the problem promptly to avoid further damage to the hydraulic system. Consulting the excavator's service manual or seeking assistance from a qualified technician can help identify and resolve hydraulic pump issues.
Kobelco SK60 Hydraulic Crawler Excavator Service Repair Manual - Pdf Workshop
Kobelco SK60 Hydraulic Crawler Excavator Service Repair Manual - Pdf Workshop
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