Volvo ABG 225-325 Operation Maintenance Manual

Volvo ABG 225-325 Operation Maintenance Manual

Volvo ABG 225-325 Operation Maintenance Manual

Introduction: Volvo ABG 225 Repair Manual

Procedure When Receiving The Machine.
Data Required For Ordering Spare Parts.
Machine Identification Plate.
Engine Identification Plate
Safekeeping The Operating Manual And First Aid Box
Explanation Of The Safety Symbols
Important General Information
Intended And Unintended Use
Intended Use
Unintended Use
Responsibilities Of The User / Contractor
Responsibilities Of The Personnel
Instructions For Special Hazards
Precautions For Handling Hazardous Goods
Precautions When Handling Gas Heating Systems
Gas Hose Routing
Safety Precautions When Gas Escapes
Safety Precautions When The Machine Touches Live Electric Cables
Instruments And Controls
Machine Overview
Operator'S Platform
Operator'S Seat
Standard Seat
Deluxe Seat
Control Panel
External Control Panels
Storage Compartments
Fuel Tank
Central Lubrication System (Option)
Mat Thickness Scales
Emulsion Spraying System (Option)
Potentiometers For Vibrators And Tampers
Switch Off The Levelling Cylinders In Case Of Breakdowns
Screed Heating System (Option)
Electronic Levelling System (Option)
Battery Master Switch
Working Lights
Sockets / Fuses On The Paver'S Lh Rear Wall
Sockets On The Paver'S Rh Rear Wall
Sockets On The Lh And Rh External Control Panels
Switch Cabinet On The Operator'S Platform
Switch Cabinet On The Paver'S Rear Wall
Sockets On The Paver'S Rear Wall.

Volvo ABG 225-325 Operation Maintenance Manual
Volvo ABG 225-325 Operation Maintenance Manual
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Volvo ABG 225-325 Operation Maintenance Manual

Volvo Operation

Important Instructions For Operation
Application Specific Safety Instructions
Paving In Tunnels
Paving In The Vicinity Of Overhead Electric Cables
Paving In Contaminated Areas
Paving In The Vicinity Of Railway Lines
Paving On Slopes
Paving On Bridges
Commissioning The Paver
Check Before Commissioning The Paver
Switching The Power Supply On And Off
Setting Up The Operator'S Platform
Raising And Lowering The Sun Roof
Exhaust Pipe, Fitting And Removing
Fitting The Side Curtains
Windscreen (Option), Raising And Lowering
Operator'S Platform, Extending And Retracting
Seat Console, Extending And Retracting
Control Column, Cross Sliding
Operator'S Seat, Adjusting (Standard Seat)
Operator'S Seat, Adjusting (Deluxe Seat)
Starting The Engine
Starting The Engine With The Starter Batteries
Jump Starting The Engine
Stopping The Engine
Starting And Stopping The Paver
Driving The Paver On Roads And Jobsites
Turning Onthespot)
Operating The Paver In Auxiliary Control (Emergency Control)
Starting The Paver
Stopping The Paver
Preparing The Paver For Operation
Refuelling The Paver
Lubricating The Paver
Front Cross Beam
Road Scrapers, Raising And Lowering
Lowering The Road Scrapers
Raising The Road Scrapers
Adjusting The Road Scrapers
Hopper Wings, Open And Close
Hopper Wings, Open And Close
Screed Transport Lock
Raising And Securing The Screed In The Transport Lock
Releasing And Lowering The Screed From The Transport Lock
Variomatic Screed, Extend And Retract
Screed Tensioning Device, Assembling And Dismantling
Screed Spacer Blocks (Option)
Fitting The Screed Spacer Blocks
Removing The Screed Spacer Blocks
Auger Height Adjustment
Adjusting The Height Of The Basic Augers
Adjusting The Height Of The Augers With Outer Bearings
Fitting Auger Extensions
Auger Control, Adjusting
Adjusting The Conveyor Control (Paddle Type Control Switches)
Too Much Material In The Auger Channel
Not Enough Material In The Auger Channel
Direction Indicator, Setting Up
Electronic Levelling System
Setting The Operating Mode Automatic
Mat Thickness, Adjusting
Screed Floating Mode
Screed Heating, On / Off
Paving In The Automatic Mode
Paving Material Prone To Segregation
Mat Thickness Is Not Correct
Tow Point Sinks Down During Paving Work
Conveying The Paving Mix To One Side
Paving Material Not Conveyed Fast Enough
Setting The Pressure On The Screed Assist
Daily Procedure At The End Of Paving Work
Loading And Transport
Loading By Crane
Loading On A Vehicle With Ramps
Lashing The Machine On The Vehicle
Important Instructions
Before Starting Maintenance Work
Handling Hazardous Materials
Welding Work On The Paver
First Oil Change
Maintenance Chart
Maintenance Work
Machine (General)
Cleaning The Machine
Tighten Threaded Connections
Diesel Engine
Check The Engine Oil Level
Fuel Filter Draining Off The Water
Electrical System
Charge The Battery
Greasing The Battery Terminals
Hydrostatic System
High Pressure Filter For The Levelling Cylinders And Augers
Feed Pressure Filter For The Travel Drive And Tamper Drive
(Only For Vdt And Vdtv Screeds)
Cleaning The Vent Filter
Cleaning The Hydraulic Oil Cooler And Radiator
Transmission Gears
Check The Pump Distributor Gear
Check The Travel Drive Transmissions
Drive Chains And Vbelts
Drive Chains
Tensioning The Conveyors
Auger Centre Drive
Auger Outer Drives
Preservation For Longer Periods Of Standstill
Lubrication Plan
Grease Points
Central Lubrication System (Option)
Oil Change, Transmission Gears
Oil Change, Pump Distributor Gear
Oil Change, Hydraulic System
Oil Change, Diesel Engine
Trouble Shooting
Fuses And Relays
Towing The Paver
Manually Releasing The Parking Brake
Releasing The Hydraulic Drive Motors To Run Freely
Removing Paving Material From The Auger Channel
Technical Data
General Data
Noise And Vibration Values
General Data
Noise And Vibration Values
List Of Fuel Oils And Lubricants
Torques For Threaded Connections
Table Of Torques Iso.

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