Caterpillar 420F Backhoe Loader Parts Manual

Caterpillar 420F Backhoe Loader Parts Manual

Caterpillar 420F Backhoe Loader Parts Manual

This Caterpillar 420F Backhoe Loader Manual Is The Official Full Complete Version For The John Deere 410G Backhoe Loader Parts Catalog Manual .

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From Air Filter. Transmission. Brake And Cooling System. Engine. Exhaust To Steering And Suspension. Tire Rotation. Valves. Lights And So On.

There are several specific warning signs on this machine. The exact location of the hazards and the description of the hazards are reviewed in this section. Please become familiarized with all warning signs. Make sure that all of the warning signs are legible. Clean the warning signs or replace the warning signs if you cannot read the words.

Caterpillar 420F Backhoe Loader Replace the illustrations if the illustrations are not legible. When you clean the warning signs. use a cloth. water and soap. Do not use solvent. gasoline. or other harsh chemicals to clean the safety signs. Solvents. gasoline. or harsh chemicals could loosen the adhesive that secures the warning sign.

Loose adhesive will allow the warning sign to fall. Replace any safety sign that is damaged. or missing. If a safety sign is attached to a part that is replaced. install a safety sign on the replacement part. Any Caterpillar dealer can provide new safety signs.

Caterpillar 420F Backhoe Loader Parts Manual
Caterpillar 420F Backhoe Loader Parts Manual
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Caterpillar 420F Backhoe Loader Parts Manual



Caterpillar machines are identified by Product Identification Numbers (PIN). Some components included in a machine may be identified by Serial Numbers (S/N). Typical components that will be serialized include engines, transmissions, bulldozers, and rippers. The machine and engine are further identified by arrangement numbers and in some cases modification numbers.

These numbers are shown on the product identification plate(s) and on the master plate in the operator's compartment.

Caterpillar dealers need all of these numbers to determine accurate parts identification.


Product information in this manual is presented as "information elements" that represent all of the components for the specific model. Engine Arrangement and Seat Group are examples of information elements. The information elements are organized alphabetically by part name and secondarily by part number within each major section of the manual.

    A table of contents (TOC) is found at the beginning of the manual. The TOC lists each section of the manual with a complete list of all information elements organized as they appear in the manual. Page numbers are provided for quick reference to detailed parts identification illustrations and serviceable consist of lists.


The Maintenance Parts Index, located near the beginning of the manual, references most frequently used maintenance part numbers, providing description, quantity, usage and page number. This information is organized alphabetically by part description.

Caterpillar 420F Parts Manual

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