Doosan E85 Excavator Catalog

Doosan E85 Excavator Catalog

The E85 Minimal Tail Swing compact excavator is the largest in Bobcat's M-Series compact excavator family at 8.5 tons. Features include blade float, multi-function joysticks, color instrumentation panel and an auto-shift drive system. Doosan E85 Compact Excavator Service Parts Catalog.

The Doosan E85 Excavator Catalog is a technical document published by Doosan that contains detailed information about the E85 compact excavator. It's not typically intended for casual readers, but rather for those who need to know the intricate details of the machine, such as mechanics, service technicians, or even serious construction equipment enthusiasts.

Here's a breakdown of the typical content you'll find in a Doosan E85 Excavator Catalog: Daewoo Doosan Service Repair

  • Machine Specifications: This section provides technical details about the excavator, such as:
    • Engine model, horsepower, and displacement
    • Operating weight
    • Bucket digging force
    • Maximum reach and digging depth
    • Travel speed
    • Hydraulic system information (pump capacity, relief pressure)
    • Dimensions (width, height, length)

Parts Diagrams:The catalog would likely contain exploded diagrams of the E85 broken down into its major components (engine, drivetrain, hydraulics, electrical system, etc.). These diagrams show how the parts are assembled and their relationship to each other. This can be helpful for visualizing where a specific part is located within the excavator for service or repair.

Parts Lists: This section is an extensive list of all the individual parts that constitute the E85, categorized by component. Each part will likely have a corresponding part number, description, and quantity used in the machine.

This is essential for ordering replacement parts during maintenance or repairs.

Machine Schematics: The catalog might also include electrical schematics and hydraulic schematics.

These illustrate the wiring and hydraulic circuits of the excavator, which can be helpful for troubleshooting electrical or hydraulic problems.

Service Procedures: In some cases, the catalog may include basic or even detailed service procedures for routine maintenance tasks or troubleshooting steps for common issues. However, for complex repairs, a separate Doosan E85 Service Manual would likely be required.


Doosan E85 Compact Excavator Service Parts Catalog

Doosan E85 Compact Excavator Service Parts Catalogue Pdf Manual

Service Components Brochure Handbook Cover:

Engine Components
Body Parts
Track Parts
Front Parts
Hydraulic Components
Other Parts
Choice Parts

File Format: PDF
Compatible: All Variations of Windows & Mac
Language: English
Needs: Adobe PDF Visitor

Doosan E85 Compact Excavator Service Parts Catalogue Pdf Manual
Doosan E85 Compact Excavator Service Parts Catalogue Pdf Manual
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Doosan E85 Compact Excavator Service Parts Catalog Pdf

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